Hot News: Canadian Tech-deathsters Derelict Ink Distribution Deal with Maple Metal Records

Canadian technical death metallers Derelict have inked a distribution deal with Maple Metal Records for their albums ‘Perpetuation’ and ‘Unspoken Words’.

As of August 5th 2013, Perpetuation and Unspoken Words, the 2012 and 2009 full-length releases by Montreal death metal shredders Derelict will be available worldwide through Maple Metal Records distribution.

MMR approached us to distribute these albums, and we couldn’t be happier to go for it,” comments Derelict vocalist Eric Burnet. „We’ve worked hard over the years to set up many of our own independent tools and services, but we were sorely lacking in terms of in-store distribution. MMR are helping a lot of hardworking metal bands, and we’re happy to be one of them!”

An A&R rep from Maple Metal Records in Toronto comments:

MMR is totally stoked to offer worldwide distribution for Derelict‘s albums. We are confident Derelict has what it takes to be a major player in the technical death metal genre, and this Canadian band is ready to break-out onto the international metal scene in a huge way!”

Perpetuation received extensive critical praise from Canadian and international media upon release, culminating in Derelict being nominated for „Metal Artist Of The Year” at the 2013 Canadian Independent Music Awards alongside Devin TownsendBison BC and more. The band is currently playing select shows in Canada and concentrating on writing a follow-up release.

For additional info on Derelict, visit their official website: www.derelictmetal.com

Derelict’s title track from Perpetuation is streaming online at this location: http://youtu.be/Mp1DwMvC6Rw
Also „Shackles Of Indoctrination” from Perpetuation is streaming at this location: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNeE_UT0alE

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