Hot News: Bloodsoaked Launch Kickstarter Campaign for Upcoming Comatose Music; Tour Dates Announced

2014. feb 4, 9:30 :

U.S Death Metal Unit BLOODSOAKED have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for its fourth full-length album, Religious Apocalypse, to be released later this year on Comatose Music. You can donate to the cause at this location.


Hot News: Prostitute Disfigurement – From Crotch To Crown Streaming From Beginning To End Courtesy Of Decibel Magazine

2014. feb 4, 8:10 :

On the eve of its imminent unveiling, today Decibel Magazine vomits forth a full stream of From Crotch To Crown, the latest long player from Dutch death metal miscreants, PROSTITUTE DISFIGUREMENT.

Their first full-length proper since 2008's devious Descendants Of Depravity opus, From Crotch To Crown offers a meticulously executed meld of old-school death metal grit with modern, technical riff incursions and a treasure trove of debauched lyrical twists.


Hot News: Orcultus premiere video for upcoming Forever Plagued release

2014. feb 4, 8:05 :

Today, the mysterious and misanthropic ORCULTUS premiere a promotional video for their forthcoming self-titled 7" EP, set to be released on February 28th via FOREVER PLAGUED RECORDS. Darkness has consumed Sweden once again as we see a resurgence of traditional black metal coming back to the surface. ORCULTUS is no exception: totally raw and evil black metal solely created to oppose today's new standards. With bands like Svartrit, Urkaos, and Grifteskymfning raging the scene in these parts these days, you can be assured that ORCULTUS is also a dedicated contributor to the existence of true black metal.


Tarja – Sorronia – túl a turné első felén

2014. feb 4, 7:50 :

A mai napon érkezett haza a Sorronia Tarja Turunennel töltött közös turnéjáról. A négy állomásból álló első részt nagy sikerrel zárta a zenekar.

"Hihetetlenül nagy élmény volt számunkra. 3 000 kilométert kellett utaznunk,hogy elérjük az első koncerthelyet, Lisszabont, de minden egyes kilométer megérte. Őrült közönségünk volt, fantasztikus emberekkel.


Hot News: Human Fortress – lyric video „Under Siege“ available!

2014. feb 4, 7:46 :

HUMAN FORTRESS were returning to the scene with "Raided Land" in November last year. The album was well-received and became what many fans were hoping for: a return to the band’s epic melodic metal roots. Here's the brand new lyric video for the song "Under Siege".


Hot News: The New Black release video for ‘Any Colour You Like (As Long As It‘s Black)’

2014. feb 4, 7:43 :

Germany‘s heavy rockers THE NEW BLACK filmed a third video for a song from their album „III: Cut Loose“. The clip to ‘Any Colour You Like (As Long As It‘s Black)’ can be found here.


Hot News: Fuoco Fatuo premiere new song on Noisey

2014. feb 3, 20:11 :

Today, rising ultra-doom heavyweights FUOCO FATUO premiere the new song "Eternal Transcendence Into Nothingness" on heavily trafficked tastemakers Noisey - Music By Vice. The song hails from FUOCO FATUO's forthcoming debut album, The Viper Slithers in the Ashes of What Remains, to be released by IRON TYRANT on February 17th for the CD version and March  31st for the gatefold vinyl version. 

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