Hot News: Magenta Harvest’s debut album “Volatile Waters” highlight medley revealed and release date announced!

2013. szept 25, 19:57 :

Finnish death metal band Magenta Harvest have released highlight medley from their upcoming debut album titled "Volatile Waters". Album was recorded at SoundSpiral Audio by Juho Räihä. The worldwide release date will be January 10th 2014.


Hot News: Sólstafir stream track off reissue!

2013. szept 25, 19:54 :

Icelandic heathen rockers (no humppa here) SÓLSTAFIR have premiered the first track from the re-mastered reissue of their debut album, 'Í Blóði og Anda' ('In Blood and Spirit'). The track, titled 'The Underworld Song' can be streamed at the SÓLSTAFIR Bandcamp page. 'Í Blóði og Anda' is slated for release on November 8th. The cover art and track listing can be found below:


Hot News: Turisas – watch an entertaining “Ten More Miles (Making Of)” via

2013. szept 25, 19:40 :

In cooperation with the online outlet of Metal Hammer UK TURISAS have just launched a making-of feature which allows for a look behind the scenes of the "Ten More Miles" video. Check it out here:

"Ten More Miles" is taken off their latest album "Turisas2013" which is out everywhere.


Hot News: Paradise Lost – announces limited 10″ for new compilation, “Tragic Illusion 25 (The Rarities)”

2013. szept 25, 19:35 :

From the harrowing doom of their 1990 debut Lost Paradise, to 1991's genre-defining Gothic, to 1995's break-out masterpiece Draconian Times, to 1997's electronically-tinged One Second, to 2007's return to a heavier form In Requiem, to last year's opus Tragic Idol, PARADISE LOST has continued to evolve since their inception in 1988, inspiring countless artists throughout the years. To celebrate their influence on the scene, a special compilation will be released this fall to commemorate the band's 25th anniversary landmark.


Hot News: Triptykon – Returns To Roadburn

2013. szept 25, 19:32 :

In 2010, the organizers of Holland's highly acclaimed Roadburn Festival invited Tom Gabriel Warrior, founder of Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, and Triptykon, to act as the curator at that year's festival. Under the banner of Only Death Is Real, Roadburn 2010 thus became the venue for the presentation of Triptykon's newly-released debut album, Eparistera Daimones, as well as Triptykon's first official life appearance. We felt very honoured by the confidence Roadburn placed in us, and the event will forever rank as one of the most significant experiences in the existence of Triptykon.


Hot News: Painside Releases ‘Reject The Silence’ Music Video

2013. szept 25, 15:43 :

'Reject The Silence', the new video from modern metal band PAINSIDE, can be viewed below. The clip was directed by Alex Medeiros and the song comes off the band's new EP "Build Your Fiction".

You can stream the video here -


Hot News: Haken announce departure of bass player Tom Maclean

2013. szept 25, 15:36 :

From the band:
It is with deep regret that we have to announce Tom's departure from Haken. As well as being a gifted musician, Tom is a great friend and it has been a pleasure and an honour to call him a band mate for the past six years. We've shared so many amazing experiences together and will never forget those times! We are immensely grateful for his wisdom and dedication, without which Haken would not be where it is today. We of course remain close friends and want everyone to know that there is no animosity between us whatsoever. Tom can explain the situation better than us:

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