Hot News: Tombs reveal new album title, artwork and track listing

2014. márc 30, 19:37 :

Brooklyn, New York's TOMBS' have confirmed Savage Gold as the title of the band's third album on Relapse Records. The album is set for a June 10th release (North America), June 9th (UK/Europe/World), and June 6th (Germany/Benelux/Finland) and today the artwork and track listing have been revealed. The stunning artwork was created by renowned tattooist Thomas Hooper who has created the band's previous album covers.


Hot News: Sonata Arctica – »Pariah’s Child« out now; stream online!

2014. márc 30, 19:28 :

Finally the day has come: the brand new SONATICA ARCTICA album »Pariah’s Child« hits the stores today!

If you wanna take a listen; you can stream »Pariah’s Child« online here:


Hot News: Lost Society – fourth track-by-track trailer online

2014. márc 30, 19:23 :

LOST SOCIETY, one of the most promising Finnish newcomer bands of our times, presents the fourth part of their hilarious track-by-track video series.
In this episode, Samy, Arttu, Mirko and Ossi provide you with background information on these tracks:

06. Snowroad Blowout
07. Tyrant Takeover


Hot News: Edguy – first single »Love Tiger« available now!

2014. márc 30, 17:52 :

On April 18th the new EDGUY album »Space Police – Defenders Of The Crown« will be released (UK April 21st, North America April 29th).

Get the first track of the new album now! »Love Tyger« is available as download single in all digital online music stores such as Amazon, iTunes etc NOW!


A Pulzus tehetségkutató döntősei – velük találkozhattok az idei Zorall Sörolimpián!

2014. márc 30, 17:46 :

Idén is sok zenekar szállt harcba a Pulzus tehetségkutató nyereményeiért. A bejutott zenekarokra nem csak remek nyeremények várnak, hanem annak a lehetősége is, hogy produkciójukat a Zorall Sörolimpia népes tábora előtt mutathatják be. Ahogy tavaly is, úgy 2014-ben is a zsűri tagja lesz Weisz Laci és Barbaró Attila, a Zorall zenekar két oszlopos tagja, és Gyurcsik Gyuri, aki az első három helyezett zenekart vendégül fogja látni műsorában, a Rockpanorámában.


Hot News: Sabaton – first single »To Hell And Back« released!

2014. márc 30, 14:20 :

On the 16th of May, Swedish Heavy Metal band SABATON will release their new studio record called »Heroes«.

Today is the release of the first single out of »Heroes«, called »To Hell And Back«; which is available here:

NB MP3:           
Amazon MP3:   
Google Play :    


Hot News: Stay tuned for more details on the release of “Mind Traveler” !

2014. márc 30, 13:56 :

The Wicker Man never sleeps, here comes another signing: BLACKWÜLF!

Hailing from Oakland, California, BLACKWÜLF‘s musical feeding grounds are the dark sonic forests of heavy riff rock and stoner metal.

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