Hot News: Textures – release exclusive ‘Messengers’ acoustic live session

2014. jún 21, 12:35 :

With their fifth album in the works, TEXTURES release an exclusive acoustic live version of 'Messengers', from their third album »Silhouettes«. On account of this special occasion the band has recorded a music-video for this song which will be released on YouTube today, the 20th of June. The single 'Messengers' will also be available as paid digital download on iTunesAmazon and Google. The Acoustic Live Session of 'Messengers' will be available June 20th (UK: June 22, USA: June 24th) via Nuclear Blast.


Hot News: The Moon And The Nightspirit – New album “Holdrejtek” and back catalogue reissues out in August

2014. jún 20, 13:21 :

On August 15th, The Moon And The Nightspirit's fifth album, "Holdrejtek", will be released on Auerbach Tonträger / Prophecy Productions! On their latest effort, the Hungarian duo stays true to its style, which is coined by ethereal vocals, violin, acoustic guitar and percussion, yet appear more mature and diverse than ever in terms of composition and instrumental arrangement. Just like its predecessor "Mohalepte", "Holdrejtek" is much influenced by a deep veneration for and love of nature as far as its concept is concerned, while this time, mastermind Mihaly Szabo approaches the subject in a less romantic and more intellectual way. The lyrics are rife with the philosophical idea of simultaneous oneness and duality of micro- and macrocosm, which is attributed to Hermes Trismegistos and his screed "Tabula Smaragdina".


Hot News: Rise Of The Northstar – debut album coming out September!

2014. jún 20, 12:15 :

Japanese culture, mangas and its "Furyos" all blend into RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR sound. Through its lyrics, music and imagery, the band created itself a unique identity, bringing together 90's New York Hardcore, Shonen manga and contemporary metal-core... Therefore the ROTNS stands out from the mass with its catchy powerful groovy tunes, look, visual aspects and its capacity to tour in Europe and Japan while being self produced!


Hot News: Madball – release official video for ‘Born Strong’ feat. Candace Puopolo (Walls Of Jericho)!

2014. jún 20, 12:10 :

NYHC legends MADBALL have released the official video for the second single, 'Born Strong', off the band's upcoming album, 'Hardcore Lives'. The track features WALLS OF JERICHOs front lady Candace Puopolo on guest vocals. Check it out at this location: Recently the band posted a new video trailer in which they talk the guest appearances on their upcoming album, »Hardcore Lives«


Hot News: Tankard – „R.I.B.“ out now!

2014. jún 20, 11:48 :

The new masterpiece of Germans thrash metal legends TANKARD, „R.I.B.“, is out now!

This new record combines all aspects that defined the past three decades of TANKARD: Brilliant riffs, creaking old school Thrash attacks, catchy melodies and of course  the very special type of humor this band has.


Hot News: Brotherhood – Southern Lord Confirms Collective Recordings LP From Late 1980s Seattle Hardcore Band

2014. jún 20, 11:44 :

Late this Summer, Southern Lord will exhume all material from late 1980s Seattle hardcore band, BROTHERHOOD, collecting the influential act's demos and 7" releases in one remastered, cohesive anthology entitled Till Death.

BROTHERHOOD was formed during the West Coast Hardcore surge in the same days of Insted, Bl'ast, Chain Of Strength and Uniform Choice, the members all bred in the Northwest on The Accused, Poison Idea, The Melvins, and with East Coast threads born of SSD, DYS, Corrosion Of Conformity and Straight Ahead all comparatively woven into their sound.


Hot News: Cemetery Fog set release date for new Iron Bonehead mini-album

2014. jún 20, 11:37 :

IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS sets August 1st as the international release date for CEMETERY FOG's Towards the Gates. Hot on the heels of the critically acclaimed Shadows From the Cemetery tape, CEMETERY FOG strike while the iron's hot with a brand-new 12" MLP, Towards the Gates. While the CEMETERY FOG on said cassette was a rumbling 'n' rough-hewn one, the Finnish duo have made a startling progression on Towards the Gates, refining that doomed-out Metal of Death into one that's more mature, majestic, and absolutely mournful.

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