Hot News: Misery Index reveal new album title!

2014. feb 27, 19:32 :

American death metal extremists MISERY INDEX have announced 'The Killing Gods' as the title of their forthcoming new full-length. The band's fifth studio album will hit the stores on May 23rd.


Hot News: Mondvolland Complete Work On Sophomore Full-Length Album

2014. feb 27, 19:28 :

When MONDVOLLAND was formed in 2006, the musical emphasis was firmly orientated towards folk, but now, with two releases behind them and the completion of their sophomore full-length album, the band has very clearly developed and expanded its sound and direction to become an atypical Black Metal band that occasionally nods in the direction of avant-garde and post metal, but whose melodies are clearly defined and whose sound is immediate and accessible. Add to that vocals that are a mix of screams, deep grunts and varying styles of clean vocals, and you have a band that moves seamlessly and expertly through a number of extreme metal genres.


Hot News: Arkan announce new album title!

2014. feb 27, 19:22 :

ARKAN are back with their third album! The French/North African act has given the follow-up to "Salam" (2011) the title "Sofia". The album has been scheduled for a May 23rd release. The band issued the following statement regarding their new full-length:

"This album deals with a personal ordeal one of the members of ARKAN had to go through”, explains vocalist Sarah. "From my point of view, 'Sofia' has multiple meanings. From pain to revolution, the struggles end with the quietness of a heartbeat and 'Sofia' slides from sadness to peace. While 'Salam' was an open-minded concept-album, 'Sofia' deals more with the sad side of our histories."


Hot News: Bloodtruth – Italian Death Metal Troupe Joins Unique Leader Records

2014. feb 27, 19:16 :

Italian death metal troupe, BLOODTRUTH, is pleased to join Unique Leader Records' expanding realm of extreme.

Initially forged in 2009 as the side project of Fleshgod Apocalypse members Francesco Paoli and Paolo Rossi, and now featuring the updated lineup of vocalist Luigi Valenti, guitarist Stefano Rossi Ciucci, bassist Riccardo Rogari and drummer Giacomo Torti, BLOODTRUTH heave forth a sonic fire ball of speed, brutality and unadulterated hate.


Hot News: Die Choking – Philly Shred Trio Preps Debut EP For Vinyl Delivery

2014. feb 27, 19:07 :

Grinders, shredders, ragers and speedfreaks, welcome DIE CHOKING, a Philly bred trio quickly becoming known for their smoldering concoction of brutal punk mayhem, grindcore, and raw metal, played at ungodly fast speeds of pure sonic annihilation. The band's five-song self-titled EP bas been freshly dispatched to the printing presses for its first vinyl incarnation, pending release in conjunction with the extreme music purveyors at Earsplit's label, The Compound.


Hot News: Mount Salem debuts ‘Hysteria’ exclusively on!

2014. feb 27, 18:57 :

Metal Blade Records has teamed up with Roadburn to debut the brand new single "Hysteria"in preparation for the upcoming full-length release, Endless, by Chicago, IL based psychedelic Doom Rock outfit Mount Salem"Hysteria" is streaming on HERE now.


Hot News: Cradle Of Filth – Iconic Extreme Metal Ensemble To Release Total Fucking Darkness Demo On Vinyl This Spring Via Mordgrimm

2014. feb 27, 18:31 :

After more than two decades, Total Fucking Darkness, the infamous third demo from notorious UK extreme metal magicians, CRADLE OF FILTH, will be unleashed on gatefold double LP and digipak CD via Mordgrimm this Spring.

The undertaking was helmed by vocalist Dani Filth, former guitarist Paul Ryan (currently of The King Is Blind) and Cacophonous Records founder Frater Nihil, who first signed CRADLE OF FILTH, in an effort to bring fans old and new a remastered version of the demo along with material that had been sitting in the vaults for twenty years.

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