Hot News: Midnight Masses announce July release for debut album ‘Departures’

2014. máj 23, 14:33 :

Midnight Masses, the band of Autry Fulbright (accompanied by Jason Reece) from …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, are pleased to announce their debut album ‘Departures’ will be released on the 21st July 2014 in Europe and July 22nd 2014 in the US.


Hot News: Tankard – third track-by-track video posted!

2014. máj 23, 14:30 :

Legendary German alcoholic thrash metallers TANKARD, whose upcoming album “R.I.B.” will be released on the 20th of June via Nuclear Blast, have posted the third part of a series of track-by-track videos! Let front man Gerre give you further information on the idea behind the songs "Riders Of The Doom" , "Enemy Of Order" and "The Party Ain’t Over ‘Til We Say So":


Hot News: Blut Aus Nord / P.H.O.B.O.S. – Triunity excerpts

2014. máj 23, 14:29 :

Debemur Morti Productions is proud to present "Triunity", or the metaphysical alliance of Legendary Unorthodox Black Metal and Industrial Dark Drone !

Indeed, "Triunity" is the result of an unexpected reunion gathering two major entities of the extreme French musical scene, BLUT AUS NORD and P.H.O.B.O.S.. Both engaged in a bewitching endeavour to create an occult structure of industrial, urban and insane sounds.


Hot News: Moonspell – On Tour & Special Show in Athens

2014. máj 23, 14:22 :

The Portuguese Dark Metal band MOONSPELL is on tour again! By August you can convince yourself of their powerful live show all over Europe. May 24th, 2014 is going to be a special highlight: MOONSPELL is hitting the stage with singer Mariangela Demurtas of TRISTANIA in Athens. Check out the teaser to the show here:


Hot News: Bloody Hammers – Unveil Album Preview Clip

2014. máj 23, 14:18 :

News from the horror Rockers BLOODY HAMMERS! A few days before the release of the new album the band has unveiled an album preview clip. Under Satan's Sun is set to be released on June 2nd 2014 in the UK & June 10th 2014 in USA/CAN via Napalm Records!


Hot News: Vintersorg – Release First Music Video Ever!

2014. máj 23, 14:17 :

News from Swedish Folk Metal legend VINTERSORG!

The very first music video of the band's history is celebrating its debut: Lågornas rov, from the new album Naturbål, it’s going to be the first audio-visual impression of the Folk Metal master's work!


Hot News: Epica – ‘Unchain Utopia’ lyric-video revealed!

2014. máj 23, 14:14 :

After finally releasing their highly anticipated new album »The Quantum Enigma« on May 02, 2014 via Nuclear Blast, Dutch Symphonic Metal powerhouse EPICA now reveal an amazing lyric video for track ‘Unchain Utopia’.

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