Hot News: Indica – third album trailer for »Shine« posted!

2013. dec 18, 12:24 :

With the release of their new record »Shine« coming closer by the day now, Finish all-female Rock quintet INDICAhave just released the third trailer, to give their fans a detailed view on the creation of »Shine«.

In this trailer, the enchanting bandleader Jonsu reveals a most private side of herself. The trailer is available to watch here:


Hot News: Ashes Of Ares – announce winner of ‘Chalice Of Man‘ Fan-Video-Contest

2013. dec 18, 12:22 :

After launching a video contest in early November, ASHES OF ARES vocalist Matt Barlow (ex-ICED EARTH), drummer Van Williams (ex-NEVERMORE), and guitarist/bassist Freddie Vidales (ex-ICED EARTH) wish to thank all the fans who submitted a video entry for the album track ‘Chalice Of Man’.


IV. Kelet Underground Tehetségkutató: döntő beszámoló

2013. dec 18, 11:10 :

A IV. „Kelet Underground Tehetségkutató” rockzenei versenysorozat december 7-én elérkezett a végső felvonáshoz. A különböző rockzenei stílusokat képviselő bandák a döntőn ismételten bemutatták tehetségüket a közönség és a zsűri előtt a debreceni Dharma Klubban. Az este fellépőit a 3 elődöntő 3-3 egyenes ágon továbbjutott bandái és az elődöntős közönségszavazás nyertese alkották.


Hot News: The Ocean to play headline tour through Germany in February with Der Weg Einer Freiheit as support!

2013. dec 18, 10:19 :

THE OCEAN will embark on a rather short headline tour through Germany in February. Support comes from German Black Metallers DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT.


Hot News: Omnivore – Italian Death-Thrashers To Release Debut on Unspeakable Axe Records

2013. dec 18, 10:16 :

Unspeakable Axe Records has announced the release of the self-titled debut from Italian death/thrashers Omnivore.  Like their name suggests, Omnivore are equal-opportunity devourers. Their raging full-length shows that they clearly consumed old death/thrash acts from Europe and the U.S. - think Massacra, Merciless, and Sadus - as well as the more-familiar Bay Area bands, represented here by the use of gang vocals, some melodic lead parts, and even a startlingly well-played acoustic passage.


Hot News: Agathocles – Black Clouds Determinate reissue

2013. dec 18, 10:12 :

Selfmadegod Records has started the reissue series of complete AGATHOCLES catalog including full length studio releases. The first one reissued is “Black Clouds Determinate”, the second album to see the light of day back in 1994. The 2013 re-release has been remastered for a louder, fuller and heavier result as well as features totally revamped artwork and layout. The 17-song CD includes the song “Until it Bleeds” that comes from the same April 1994 session at famous Soundshape Studios. This song was not released on the first CD pressing of the album.


Hot News: Amon – Liar in Wait Vinyl Edition Coming Next Month on FDA Rekotz

2013. dec 18, 10:05 :

FDA Rekotz has announced the vinyl publication of Liar in Wait, the 2012 full-length from Floridian death metal beast AMON. AMON formed in 1987 in Tampa, Florida, before changing their name to DEICIDE and pioneering the American death metal movement. After their highly-publicized departure from DEICIDE, brothers Eric and Brian Hoffman resurrected AMON to spread the unholy plague all over the world.

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