DARK HELM’s ‘Hymnus De Antitheist’ out now!

Indian Progressive Death Metal outfit DARK HELM have finally unveiled the latest album- ‘Hymnus De Antitheist‘ via Bandcamp for digital purchase now. The album is available for full streaming on their Bandcamp page. 

The band’s guitarist Mohanish adds, „I hate the fact that humans, an example of peak intelligence and (debatably) peak evolution have been such a let down. Our ability to question (humans being the only species capable of doing that afaik) could have led us to something so beautiful. Instead we chose this cesspool. These are the thoughts reflected in the music and lyrics of the album.

‘Hymnus De Antitheist’- Track-list: 

1. At Dawn
2. Cilice
3. Eulogy
4. Embers
5. Akasha
6. Loss Laments
7. Obey
9. Asleep at the wheel
10. Fallacy

Packed with a staggering eleven tracks; this album surely puts a solid mark in the scene here with their unique blend of Death Metal with Progressive elements complimented by the use of Ancient/ Traditional instruments in their making. With this album, the band has surely put forth a terrific release with a matured sound and writing progression that bands can only earn out of experience. Having been active in the Indian Metal scene for a decade; the band surely knows what they are upto! 

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