SPACE VACATION release new animated video for song “The Black Divide”

SPACE VACATION, the San Francisco, California (Bay area) true metal champions featuring ex-Vicious Rumors guitarist Kiyoshi Morganare have released a new animated video for the song “The Black Divide“.

Space Vacation lead singer / guitarist Scott Shapiro has checked in with the following comment:

This video was the brain child of Brooklyn’s own, Ryan Weibust. Ryan is an old friend of the band and also fronts the band Natur who we’ve toured with several times. I was so hyped when he agreed to do this one for us. My biggest issue with music videos is that I don’t really want to watch a band lip sync while trying to act cool in a performance based video. I want to be entertained. Most band videos are pretty boring and I hate the production process and the results are less than re-watchable no matter how well the videos are put together. It’s absolute torture for me and I don’t want to make a video for the sake of having just something to go with the record. Plus I’m not exactly 22 anymore so who wants to see some aging dudes in HD? So this time I really wanted to do something outside the box and something we wouldn’t have to actually “act” in! Boom! enter Ryan! Ryan has been animating with his company Unproduction and he agreed to do an animated video that really gets what we’re about as a band. We don’t really take ourselves too seriously and we wanted to make something that was funny and Ryan really came though! So if you like Outer Space, Star Wars, alien demons and Zelda, you should watch and then share this video! And if you dig the music, buy a copy of our latest release “Lost in the Black Divide“on cd/vinyl and help us to pay for more Marshall stacks!

Space Vacation band photo

Space Vacation band line-up:

Scott Shapiro – Lead Singer / Guitars 
Kiyo Morgan – Shredding Guitars 
Kai Sun – Lead Bass 
Cubby Baumann – Thunder

For the latest Space Vacation news and tour dates, check out their official sites at the following locations:

Space Vacation website link

Space Vacation Facebook page link

Space Vacation is highly recommended for fans of Ozzy Osbourne, Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden, early Def Leppard and Diamond Head.

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