TOXIK ATTACK premiere new track at „Legacy” magazine’s website

Today, speed/thrash upstarts Toxik Attack premiere the new track „Assassínos em Série” at Legacy magazine’s website. The track hails from band’s striking debut album of the same name,  Assassinos em Série, set for international release on January 31st, 2019 via Helldprod Records on CD format. Hear Toxik Attack‘s „Assassinos em Série” in its entirety exclusively HERE.

All hail the Gods of Thunder!!! Hear their high roar and rejoice to the lightning brightness coming from the darkest nights with the first Toxik Attack album named Assassinos em Série. Delivering a gold-plated classic speed/heavy metal magic, these left-hand thrash metallers will take you by surprise with their debut studio album. Highly influenced by the ’80s metal scene, their roots are pretty damn powerful, and you can feel them in every single riff and chorus forged in this fiery sonic metallurgy.

Also, you got to feel the Portuguese-sung lyrics to the bone ’cause the vocals here are simply amazing, giving it an extra-addicting vibe that makes you want to sing along to their songs even though you don’t understand their mother language. That’s what makes heavy metal a universal form of art, allowing ‘bangers from all world to unite and bang their brains till exhaustion. All being said and almost done, you can also enjoy all nine songs of this full length with a precise and epic production. Be sure the decibels in this one are eager to be released and damage your most annoying neighbors.

This has to be the best introduction to this promising young band. So, be sure to spin Assassinos em Série and grant Toxik Attack‘s debut work the deserved attention since it stands out for being a great metal record made to please all diehard metalheads!

Hear for yourself with the newly revealed title track „Assassinos em Série” exclusively HERE, courtesy of Legacy, Germany’s defenders of the true. Also hear the previously revealed „Prazer de Matar” HERE at Helldprod‘s Soundcloud. Preorder info can be found HERE. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Toxik Attack’s Assassinos em Série
1. Thrash Maldição
2. Ceita do Punhal
3. Loucos Pelo Old School
4. Prazer de Matar
5. Assassínos em Série
6. O Sanguinário
7. Morte Tóxica
8. Detidos Pelo Metal
9. Pentagrama de Sangue


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