WAN: Mini-album „Gammal är äldst” of Swede black metal force out via Carnal Records; full EP streaming over at No Clean Singing

„The five compact songs on this new EP are bursting with feral, carnal energy — as vicious as a wolf pack on the hunt, but channeling violence and chaos in a way that exerts a nasty, primitive appeal.” – No Clean Singing

Swedish old school black metal brutes WAN return with a five track mini-album, Gammal är äldst,the followup of their last year’s lauded full length „Wan Way to Hell”. CD is available via Carnal Recordsfrom December 21, 2018.

NO CLEAN SINGING offered the advance streaming of the full release ahead of its release date alongside a comprehensive review; can be checked RIGHT HERE.

Swedish black metal force WAN came on the scene as a triad of aggression in 2009 to glorify Satan, chaos and the mighty northern darkness. Their debut, Wolves of the North, promptly saw its release in 2010. In 2013, the stalwart offered their second attack, Enjoy the Filth, fetching a more no holds barred and uglier song-writing approach. Two years later, Wan appeared in a split release called “Necroholic” alongside their countrymen Styggelse and Icelandic mystics Curse.
WAN encountered lineup changes in the next two years, but that could not disintegrate the tenebrous mightiness of the Swede horde. WAN unleashed the third album, Wan Way to Hell, via Carnal Records at the dawn of 2017. This album marks a new era for WAN and it confirmed the sustainability of their raw-energy, which is ever flowing and ever dark.
WAN are currently stronger than ever as a four-headed beast and they channeled violence through the latest mini CD “Gammal är äldst” (English: Old is the Oldest). Anyone au fait with the ‘80s and early ‘90s Scandinavian black metal knows what the five tracks of this EP convey. Indeed, they conjure nothing but relentless slabs of caustic riffs, maliciously intended raucous snarls and holocaustic drum-assaults. “Gammal är äldst” is available on CD format from this December 21 via CARNAL RECORDS.
To celebrate their glorious 10 years as a band, WAN will be embarking upon a European tour in May 2019 together with Nekrokraft and The Generations Army.

Treat your ears with the intensity of filthy ancient black metal.


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