Hot News: Abramelin – „Transgressing The Afterlife” released

Transgressing The Afterlife” – the complete recordings of ABRAMELIN – is available now. This essential release pays tribute to one of the greatest death metal band ever to emerge from the rotten soil of Australia. „Transgressing The Afterlife” contains the following recordings:

• „Transgression From Acheron” EP
• „Abramelin” Album
• „Deadspeak” Album
• „Eternal Suffering” Demo *
• „Deprived Of Afterlife” EP *
• „Promo 92” Demo *
• 7 unreleased live songs
• 3 unreleased tracks
• 5 unreleased rehearsal recordings

* playing as ACHERON (pre-ABRAMELIN)

The picture above shows all available formats. „Transgressing The Afterlife” is available as a fairly-priced 3CD box set (with o-card and extensive booklet) as well as a high quality vinyl box set with five separate LPs (each housed in its own sleeve with new artwork) and a 12-page booklet of LP size. This vinyl box is worldwide limited to 1000 copies, split up in the following way:

700 boxes with black vinyls
200 boxes with dark-green vinyls
100 boxes with beige-marbled vinyls – this version is exclusively available at www.cmdistro.com

All LPs on 180gr vinyls.

„Transgressing The Afterlife – The Complete Recordings 1988-2002” tracklist (3CD):

1. Human Abattoir
2. Humble Abode
3. Dearly Beloved
4. Relish The Blood
5. Cannibal Apocalypse
6. Final Biopsy
7. Malicious Genocide
8. Relish The Blood
9. Human Abbatoir
10. Intro
11. Deprived Of Afterlife
12. Death Of Millions
13. Eternal Suffering
14. Morbid Love
15. Cold Blood
16. Penetrate The Hymen

Tracks 1-4 taken from the „Transgression From Acheron” MCD
Track 5 is previously unreleased
Tracks 6-9 taken from the „Promo 92” (as ACHERON), previously unreleased on CD
Tracks 10-12 taken from the „Deprived Of Afterlife” 7″ (as ACHERON), previously unreleased on CD
Tracks 13-16 taken from the „Eternal Suffering” demo (as ACHERON), previously unreleased on CD

1. Misfortune
2. Grave Ideals (Nekromaniak)
3. Spiritual Justice
4. Humble Abode
5. Stargazer (The Summoning)
6. Stargazing (Stargazer II)
7. Deprived Of Afterlife
8. Invocation
9. Cantara (Dead Can Dance cover)
10. Exothermia (instrumental)
11. Give And Take (rehearsal)
12. Stargazer (rehearsal)
13. Dearly Beloved (rehearsal)
14. Human Abattoir (rehearsal)
15. Final Biopsy (rehearsal)

Tracks 1-9 taken from the „Abramelin” album
Track 10 is previously unreleased
Tracks 11-15 are previously unreleased rehearsal recordings

1. Pleasures
2. Your Casualty
3. Waste
4. Bleeding Hearts
5. The Germ Factory
6. Flesh Furnace
7. Plague
8. Nycto Mortis (instrumental)
9. Misfortune (live)
10. Spiritual Justice (live)
11. Loves Me Not (Bleeding Hearts) (live)
12. Grave Ideals (Nekromaniak) (live)
13. The Germ Factory (live)
14. Humble Abode (live)
15. Human Abattoir (live)

Tracks 1-7 taken from the „Deadspeak” album
Track 8 is previously unreleased
Tracks 9-15 are previously unreleased live recordings

ABRAMELIN was (last active line up):
Simon Dower – vocals
Tim Aldridge – guitars
Grant Karajic – bass
Matt Wilcock – guitars
Lance Lembrin – drums

Eternal Suffering (demo)
Deprived Of Afterlife (EP)
Transgression From Acheron (MCD)
Abramelin (album)
Deadspeak (album)

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Hot News: Abramelin – complete recordings to be released in October!


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