Hot News: Abyssous premiere new track on „Decibel” magazine’s website

German occult death metallers ABYSSOUS premiere the new track „Examination Rite” on Decibel magazine’s website.The track hails from ABYSSOUS’ …Smouldering LP, set for international release on October 1st via IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS. Cover and tracklisting follow further below, but in the meantime, courtesy of North America’s only monthly metal authority, hear the entirety of ABYSSOUS’ „Examination Rite” here: http://www.decibelmagazine.com/featured/german-death-dealers-abyssous-hear-here/

Originally released in 2012, ABYSSOUS’ …Smouldering debut demo displayed a fresh take on a rotten sound. Ever unearthing dark treasures, IRON BONEHEAD releases this cult gem on vinyl LP, bolstered by two newly recorded, previously unreleased tracks. Anchored in the ancient ways of the Metal of Death yet exuding a bold, flowing flair for songcraft, ABYSSOUS compositionally run the gamut from teeth-gnashing, tempting-the-corners-of-chaos violence to slowly simmering, doomed-out dementia, taking the listener on a journey to eldritch depths…and beyond, and back. Through it all, the power-trio keep the execution red-eyed and rabid and indeed …Smouldering. Now with a cavernous, 3D mastering job by P. Engel at Temple of Disharmony and new artwork by Misanthropic Art, ABYSSOUS’ …Smouldering has become that much more mind-melting.

Tracklisting for ABYSSOUS’ …Smouldering LP

1. Entering the Cave
2. Abominations
3. Burial Sea
4. Invocation
5. Black pyramid
6. Profaning Intrusion of…
7. The Inverter
8. Exanimation Rite
9. Abscondence


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