Hot News: Adamantra Releases Second Album in May 2014

Finnish Metallers Adamantra, with a twist of progressive and power metal elements, have been preparing their second album in a calm manner. Yet to be named album following the 2009 debut ”Revival” will be released in May, and the details of worldwide distribution are forged with vigor. The original vocalist Tuomas Nieminen has reclaimed the position, returning to the band from three years absence in 2011-2013. Alleviating the pains of anticipation, a teaser of the album can be viewed at Youtube.

„The band is excited to get the work of many years out to the public and to the world. The uncompromising way of doing things shows on the album; nowhere in the production has there been any skimping going on and the production has been carried out in the top places of the industry. We hope, that the fans will find what we have found again together!”, says the returned band member Nieminen.

The album can be supported by ordering the album in advance through Indiegogo. Besides the new Besides the new album, also other product packages are available, such as packages including the new album and the debut album (previously unreleased outside Finland), T-shirt, VIP-packages for tours, and a possibility for the All-Time Metal Party, including sauna, food, drinks, karaoke and snowdrift wrestling.

Tuomas Nieminen – vocals
Panu Kiskola – guitars
Jukka Hoffrén – bass
Mikko Sepponen – drums
Chrism – keyboards

For Ever EP (Tunerail Records 2007)
In Triumph CDS (Sound Of Finland 2009)
Revival (Sound Of Finland 2009)

Official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Adamantra
Official Band website: http://www.adamantra.com/
Preorder campaign at Indiegogo: http://www.igg.me/at/adamantra
Album teaser in Youtube: http://youtu.be/-WI1mmzMysw

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