Hot News: Adramelch – “Lights From Oblivion” Cover Artwork, Track list

The official release date for the revolutionary new masterpiece of ADRAMELCHLights From Oblivion” is the 27th April 2012 – to the performance at the well-known KEEP IT TRUE 2012. Today we publish first time and exclusive the cover artwork and tracklist.

Coverartwork: Alberto Andreis

ADRAMELCH – a name enthused by admirers of Progressive Metal since decades! But this is just the beginning, because soon enough more music lovers will join the praise, as this Italian band is ready to open a new chapter in their legendary history!

In 1988 ADRAMELCH released their fabulous debut »Irae Melanox« and became a cult band – despite the fact that they split up quite soon. After the musicians found together again in 2004 they were digging lost treasures for release on next years’ sophomore album »Broken History«. They finally recorded these songs, that could not have been released due to the untimely death of the band.

But it was not satisfying enough for ADRAMELCH to just polish their old repertoire, it was also a question of honour to deliver new songs to the fans. But how would these “new” ADRAMELCH sound? How would these new tunes, that were created more than 20 years after the cult works from the eighties, turn out to be? We are just about to find out the answer to this thrilling question, as the band has just completed their third masterpiece »Lights From Oblivion«!

Of course – and more or less unavoidable – this new album sounds different to the predecessors from the past, but is still clearly to be identified as craft from the hands of ADRAMELCH. Just the unique voice of Vittorio Ballerio would be enough to distinguish this group among million others. In addition we can always find that characteristic style of composing songs like a personal fingerprint for the band.

Supported by a clear and breathing production the music of ADRAMELCH sounds nowadays more manifold than ever, has a more rocking drive, allows melancholic-meditative moments, without losing its’ down-to-earth and heavy base. Above all that typical triumphant and anthem-like charakter of ADRAMELCH has bigger effect than before, making »Lights From Oblivion« simply addictive. The mastering, that took place in the world-famous “Finnvox”-studios helped the creation of a powerful and dynamic sound without covering these vital fine details.

With their new album ADRAMELCH did not take the easy path by copying themselves, but developed their style with a great sense of phantasy, which gives them any possibilities for the future to come. With »Lights From Oblivion« they will inspire their present fans as well as reaching new listeners, that were not used to the band before. This comes because ADRAMELCH prove in 2012 once again, that they are one of these precious phenomena, that music history very rarely bears!

Stefan Glas (Rock Hard Germany, Heavy, Underground Empire)


1 Lights 4:12
2 Aelegia 4:48
3 Islands Of Madness 5:31
4 Truth Lies … 5:00
5 Wonderful Magician 5:53
6 Beyond A Lifetime 5:32
7 Tides Of My Soul 6:45
8 Chiaroscuro 4:01
9 King (Of The Rain Of Tomorrow) 4:54
10 Pain After Pain 5:35
11 We March, We Fail 6:53
12 Oblivion 2:53

Gesamtspieldauer: 61:57


lead & backing vocals – Vittorio Ballerio

electric & acoustic guitar, choirs – Gianluca A. Corona

lead guitars – Fabio Troiani

drums & choirs – Sigfrido Percich

bass – Maurizio Lietti

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