Hot News: Agiel – Deepsend Records to Release „Dark Pantheons” February 18

Deepsend Records will release AGIEL‘s Dark Pantheons on February 18. The album is a re-introduction to the metal masses of the unique blend of brutal death metal and symphonic black metal of AGIEL.

Imbued with chaotic energy and aggression, Dark Pantheons transcends the familiar like an occultist stepping beyond the boundaries of existence. A new sound saturated in complexity and power marks their return.  To that end, material from AGIEL‘s 2002 full length release Dark Pantheons Again Will Reign was revisited and re-imagined for a new era. This would serve as a touchstone in the AGIEL anthology and for the new material scheduled for production in 2014 by redefining and re-imagining their sound and style.

Stream the title track from Dark Pantheons at deepsendrecords.bandcamp.com.

Album pre-orders are being taken at www.deepsend.com.

Dark Pantheons
Deeds Rendered Upon the Flesh
The Awakening
Serpent Masquerade


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