Hot News: Ainur – „The Lost Tales” – Album Preview Available: Eriol

AINUR is currently one of the most important band dedicated to Tolkien’s world and vision: their records are focused on the musical version of „The Silmarillion” by J.R.R. Tolkien.

After their first three albums, „From Ancient Times” (2006)„Children of Hurin”(2007) and „Lay of Leithian” (2009), all of them produced by Beppe Crovella and released by Electromantic Music,on June 14, 2013 they will release their brand new record called „The Lost Tales„.

The concept of this work is focused on the earliest writings of J.R.R. Tolkien (the essence and the heart of „The Silmarillion”) and relates the journey of Eriol (a human character) that landed on the elven island of Tol Eressea and hosted for a long time by the Elves. Here he will listen to the great stories of the Ancients around the campfire, and once returned, he will spread them to the world.

„The Lost Tales” introduces an acoustic version of some of the happiest moments of AINUR’s discography set in a very unique background (the tales which Eriol is listening around the campfire on the island of Tol Eressea), although the musical texture and atmosphere is a little less bombastic than the ones you can find on the previous releases. Moreover, „The Lost Tales” includes three new songs written by Luca and Marco Catalano, Alessandro Armuschio, Vilma Collo and Roberta Malerba.

01. Eriol
02. The Beginning Of Days
03. Yavanna
04. The Fall Of Gondolin
05. Mourning – The Coming Of Nienor
06. Glaurung’s Death
07. Tol Morwen
08. Thingol And Beren
09. Hirilorn
10. Verge Of The Forest
11. Return From Death
12. The Time Beyond
13. Lorien

AINUR presents their new album „The Lost Tales” on June 14th

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Hot News: Ainur – „The Lost Tales” is available for streaming in its entirety at Progstreaming.com


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