Hot News: ‘Alchemy’, a New Musical Project by Clive Nolan

Clive Nolan (Pendragon, Arena) returns with his new solo project. ‘Alchemy’ is a multidimensional musical project to be developed in numerous stages and forms. The libretto and the original story are both by Clive Nolan. It is a Victorian adventure set in 1842, with a sense of the dark and mysterious.

The ‘Alchemy’ album will be recorded at the end of this year with the concert version being filmed for DVD on February, 22nd 2013 in Wyspiański Theater in Katowice, Poland. The CD and DVD as well as collectors Box Set will be available by the middle of 2013. All formats will be released by Metal Mind Productions.

Clive: “For me this has been the biggest writing project since ‘She’. Four years in the making, by the time of release in mid 2013. I know these characters so well now… they are part of my everyday life. The way they have developed alongside the musical ideas has been a fascinating and emotional experience. If ever I wanted to write a sequel it would be for ‘Alchemy’!”

Fully theatrical ‘Alchemy’ performances will be offered to the ‘musical enthusiasts’ over three days at the Playhouse Theatre in Cheltenham in September 2013.

Additionally, the story of ‘Alchemy’ may gain another life. Clive is working with a famous comic book and graphic novel artist (known from his numerous works for DC and Marvel Comics), Mark Buckingham, to develop imagery for the show, as well as a possible graphic novel version of the story, as part of the ‘Alchemy’ project.

A number of principal characters in ‘Alchemy’ as well as other cast members have now been confirmed. The musical will see the return of many actors known from the Caamora Theatre Company’s previous productions of ‘She – the Musical’: Clive Nolan and Agnieszka Swita, as well as key participants from the ‘She’ Cheltenham cast: David Clifford, Victoria Bolley, Chris Lewis, Becky Carter and Ben Perkins.

The Company will be aided by new members who are well known in the ‘progressive rock’ world: Tracy Hitchings (Strangers on a Train, Landmarq), Andy Sears (Twelfth Night), Paul Manzi (Arena, Oliver Wakeman Band) and Damian Wilson (Threshold, Headspace). The album version of ‘Alchemy’ will feature a guest performance from Uruguayan singer, Noel Calcaterra, the vocalist for Nolan’s South American ‘Otra Vida’ album.

Musicians Clive Nolan (keyboards and orchestrations), Mark Westwood (guitars), Scott Higham (drums), Claudio Momberg (piano) and Kylan Amos (bass) will once more take charge of the instrumental part of the project. More names will be confirmed soon.

You can now visit the new ‘Alchemy’ website to learn about the story and people involved. Get informed about the news and project’s progression, check the scheduled events, read the diary of the ‘Alchemy’ protagonist, Professor Samuel King, listen to the musical extracts, buy tickets, see how to get involved, and much more!

Official ‘Alchemy’ Website:

The New Official ‘Alchemy’ clip:

Full details on the performance in Wyspiański Theater in Katowice to follow soon.

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