Hot News: Ancillotti „The Chain Goes On” – Cover, Tracklist, Release Date: 28th February 2014

The release date of the ANCILLOTTI album „The Chain Goes On” CD is February 28th, 2014. The preorder phase will start on February 14th, 2014 in our webshop.

Does anyone remember STRANA OFFICINA, the probably most legendary 80s-Metal-band from Italy? Or the 90s-project BUD TRIBE? Those of you who liked those bands will definitely be fascinated by ANCILLOTTI. Founded by the eponymous Daniele “Bud” Ancillotti, who took on his brother Sandro as bass-player and his son Brian as drummer. The first sign of life was in 2012 the four track EP “Down This Road Together”; this is now followed by the debut album “The Chain Goes On”.

The ten songs of the album are affected by very straight Heavy Metal, which reminds one of the earlier bands of the singer, but some part are arranged with more mid-tempo. This has sometimes a very special charm created by the rough but melodic vocals, but other passages are pounding in best ACCEPT-manner. The catchy choruses are exactly on the point and are made for singing/shouting along (to give a few examples: the opener “Band Your Head”, “Legacy of Rock” or “The Devil Inside”), which is brought to perfection by the penetrating double bass-drumming. This Rock’n’Roll firework show is completed by a powerful production.

ANCILLOTTI will prove to you: some long approved methods are simply the best!

1. Bang Your Head
2. Cyberland
3. Victims Of The Future
4. Monkey
5. Legacy Of Rock
6. Liar
7. I Don’t Wanna Know
8. Devil Inside
9. Warrior
10. Sunrise
11. Living For The Night Time (Bonus Track)
Total Playing Time: 46:02 min

Daniele „Bud” Ancillotti (Bud Tribe, Strana Officina) – vocals
Luciano „Ciano” Toscani (Listeria, ex-Wyvern) – guitars
Sandro „Bid” Ancillotti (Bud Tribe) – bass
Brian Ancillotti (Shabby Trick) – drums

Kapcsolódó cikkek

Ancillotti – Bang Your Head video


Hot News: Ancillotti signed a deal with Pure Steel Records


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