Hot News – Apolokia: Elitistic Black Metal… finally the debut on My Kingdom Music!

This is one of the news a lot of you are waiting for years… APOLOKIA maybe Italy’s most controversial, nihilist and elitistic Black Metal band ever, is ready to debut on My Kingdom Music in the spring of 2012.

After two legendary demos in the 90’s and a MCD released a couple of years ago, APOLOKIA will return with their long awaited full debut album entitled “Kathaarian Vortex” ready to be released in Spring 2012. The same band defines it as “an unholy process towards the mystic and destructive forces of the inner left hand path and its own atmosphere”. It’s Grim . Icecold . Nihilist . Unholy . Ultraviolent, a journey into the kathaarian void of mystic darkness and evil devoted to Satan and Chaos since 1994.
Exclusively for those into pure uncompromising Black Metal Art in the vein of Immortal, Burzum, early Mayhem.

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APOLOKIA – Kathaarian Vortex


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Hot News: The return of Apolokia, Italy’s most hateful and elitistic Black Metal band ever forged since 1994


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