Hot News: Arch Enemy – Present New Khaos Legions Video For “Under Black Flags We March”

Before the Swedish Metal powerhouse went to Asia and Australia to present the latest album “Khaos Legions” on their ongoing world tour, they found time to finish the 3rd video for “Under Black Flags We March“. The video was once again produced by the Swedish director Patric Ullaeus (In Flames, Dimmu Borgir, etc.) and is the first video to feature the new guitarist Nick Cordle (from the US band Arsis) who replaced Chris Amott earlier this year.

The video will be exclusivly premiered worldwide through the website of Metal Hammer Germany. Watch the video here an.

ARCH ENEMY singer Angela Gossow will host the annual Metal Hammer Germany Awards taking place in Berlin on September 14th, 2012. ARCH ENEMY are nominated in the categorie Best Band and Michael Amott is also nominated as God Of Riffs. Click here to vote for them now: Metal Hammer Awards 2012

Michael Amott (guitar) comments on the video: “It was a pleasure as always to work with our friend Patric Ullaeus on this video, which will be the fourth clip he’s made for us and he really is a consummate professional – truly excellent stuff! He’s captured a very suitable and cool vibe on this one too. The track itself, ‘Under Black Flags We March’, is a song that we’ve played at every Arch Enemy show since we released the “Khaos Legions” album last year, we love playing it as it’s a change of pace in our frantic live set and it’s going down really well with audiences worldwide too. We felt this pounding metal anthem deserved a visual companion, so here it is! A couple of things to listen out for: we had a our new guitarist Nick Cordle throw down a little lick on the song and had audio master Andy Sneap remix the song a little… So, a few minor tweaks here and there to make it something special for this visual/sonic assault! Under Black Flags We March!”

ARCH ENEMY continue to spread the KHAOS on the following shows and festivals:
26.04.2012 – Diablo Open Air 2012 – Singapore
28.04.2012 – Pulp Summer Slam 12: The Apostles – Manila, Philippines
30.04.2012 – Manning Bar – Sydney, Australia
01.05.2012 – Billboard The Venue – Melbourne, Australia
28.06.2012 – Peace and Love Festival – Borlänge, Sweden
30.06.2012 – Dokk’em Open Air – Dokkum, Netherlands
13.07.2012 – Bang Your Head Festival – Balingen, Germany
14.07.2012 – Rock Harz Open Air – Ballenstedt, Germany
15.07.2012 – Masters Of Rock – Vizovice, Czech Republic
18.07.2012 – Hegyalja Fesztival – Tokaj Rakamaz, Hungary
20.07.2012 – Devilside – Oberhausen, Germany
21.07.2012 – Colos-Saal – Aschaffenburg, Germany
04.08.2012 – Vagos Open Air – Vagos, Portugal
20.10.2012 – Metal Female Voices Fest – Wieze, Belgium
21.10.2012 – Le Bataclan – Paris, France
23.10.2012 – Totem – Pamplona, Spain
25.10.2012 – Capitol – Santiago de Compostela, Spain
26.10.2012 – La Riviera – Madrid, Spain
27.10.2012 – Razzmatazz 2 – Barcelona, Spain


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