Hot News: Arkhamin Kirjasto premiere video, play first live gigs + more planned!

Today, ARKHAMIN KIRJASTO premiere the new video for “Sea of Madness,” which comes from the band’s recently released debut album, Torches Ablaze. Released on September 5th by EKTRO RECORDS, ARKHAMIN KIRJASTO‘s Torches Ablaze is exciting and bewildering listeners alike with its Lovecraftian take on weirdo melodic death metal (or, as the band puts it, “from Angel Witch to Morbid Angel”). “Sea of Madness” is a provocative embodiment of those elements, and its similarly/eerily provocative video can be viewed here: “It wonderfully crafts a vision of disturbed mind,” says vocalist/drummer Samae Koskinen of the Mattyr Hekuma-directed video. “The video captures brilliantly the feel of the song. It’s much more Lovecraftian than tentacles and piles of green goo.”

And just recently, ARKHAMIN KIRJASTO performed their first-ever live shows. “Every single one of them was a success,” reports Koskine. “We played all the major cities in Finland, and I think that people were surprised to see how energetic the show was. The shows were 80% metal, 10% hardcore-punk, and 10% theater.” Clips of these performances can be viewed here:

And ARKHAMIN KIRJASTO will be returning to the live front soon, opening for Entombed in October and Martyrdöd in December. “We are really looking forward playing with Entombed,” says Koskinen. “It’s one of the bands that has inspired me the most – I really appreciate their legacy.” Both shows will take place in Finland. For more info, consult and

Below is the cover art for Torches Ablaze, as well as a complete ARKHAMIN KIRJASTO biography. Additionally, the tracklisting for Torches Ablaze is as follows:

Complete tracklisting for ARKHAMIN KIRJASTO – Torches Ablaze CD
01 The Cult of No Return
02 Knights of Torment
03 Sleeping Beauty
04 Sea of Madness
05 Bitch from Hell
06 Thousand Snakes
07 Speed, Yog Sogoth
08 Golem Made of Flesh
09 Synthetic Death
10 When the Light is Dead and Gone


Arkhamin Kirjasto was born in 2010, when Jussi Lehtisalo and Samae Koskinen started making music together. Their aim was to combine different aspects of metal, the music they both loved. Would the guttural power of Autopsy and Nihilist work well with the sheer melodiousness of early Iron Maiden and Angel Witch? Arkhamin Kirjasto’s debut album, Torches Ablaze, is the answer to that question.

This versatile record opens with “The Cult of No Return,” a startling riff that pays homage to Judas Priest. “Sea of Madness” takes an ethereal trip to the realms of psychedelia while “The Bitch From Hell” pairs pure glam with death metal vocals. The undead hissing of “Thousand Snakes” and the majestic guitar noise of “Speed, Yog Sothoth” then proceed to turn the metal blueprint inside out.

Lyrically speaking, Arkhamim Kirjasto deals mainly with the green-tinted cosmic horror of Lovecraftian mythology.

Koskinen is a well-known Finnish solo artist who plays guitar in the live lineup of Xysma. When he’s not managing his label, Ektro Records, Lehtisalo plays in Circle and Pharaoh Overlord, among others. The pair previously worked together in Aaron Turner’s Split Cranium project.

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