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Already in 2009 the Florida-originated ARTIZAN unleashed – just a year after their formation – a self-released and -titled debut-EP, which reached great success in the Underground-scene. Now the first full album „Curse Of The Artizan” appears through us, which consistently continues the high class of the progressive, pathos-drenched and extremely melodic US Metal-sound. The three songs from the EP („Fire”, „Game Within A Game” and „Rise”) were also taken up once again and new pieces were added, all of which uphold the high level the fans have come to expect from ARTIZAN. In addition to that, the 10-minute title-song reveals in its lyrics what „Artizan” is all about.

From time to time memories of classic Heavy Metal bands like older Savatage, Judas Priest, or – especially in relation to the great twin-guitar-leads – Iron Maiden awake, but still the five musicians have a completely unique sound, as it has been played by no other band before. Sometimes very rampant passages are offered, then again there are some simple, yet striking songs, which have a real sing-a-long-character. The clear, yet powerful voice of the former Leviathan-singer Tom Braden also showcases the unique aspect of ARTIZAN, whilst building upon the progressive elements of his and drummer Ty Tammeus’ former band very convincingly.

On the top of that the cover was done by fantasy-artist Marc Sasso, who also was responsible for covers from Dio and Halford. As you can imagine – this is a one-of-a-kind cover artwork, a painting depicting the „Artizan” in all of his might.

ARTIZAN take the balancing act between honest heaviness and great melodies: And they create that with a finesse that is second to none!

There is a high quality, full color poster of the cover art included with the CD (first 1000 copies)

Thomas Andrew Braden – Vocals
Ty Tammeus – Drums
Jonathan Jennings Jr. – Bass
Shamus McConney – Rhythm Guitar
Steffen Robitzsch – Lead Guitar (*)

Hermanus Rombouts performed the leads on „Rise”, „Fire” and „Game within a Game”
Tony Smotherman performed the solo’s on „Trade the World”, „The Man in Black”, „Fading Story” and „Curse of the Artizan”

(* Steffen did not perform on the album)

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