Hot News: Ass To Mouth – HeavyBlogIsHeavy Leaks Track From Polish Grindcore Sickos

As their raging Degenerate full-length is less than two weeks from dropping upon the public, Wroclaw, Poland’s maniacs, ASS TO MOUTH, pump out another dose of alcohol-infused XXX grindcore. The high-speed, binge-drinking begins abruptly with album opener, “44&41,” mass-killing your brain cells with a full-on Leaving Las Vegas-inspired one way all-you-can-consume booze-cruise to the morgue. I guess the ‘bangers over at HeavyBlogIsHeavy have had a brutal week and are ready to crack a few cold ones since they jumped at the chance to buy you a round with the streaming of the track.

Get bombed to “44&41” at HeavyBlogIsHeavy now AT THIS LOCATION.

And while you’re cleaning yourself up afterwards, unload “Sentenced To Grind” at No Clean Singing HERE.

Degenerate, set for North American release on February 18th, 2014, is the first ASS TO MOUTHmaterial to feature new vocalist Kuba, formerly of other volatile grind acts Selfhate and Toxic Bonkers. With Kuba’s rabid vocals rabidly disbursed atop the buzzsaw riffage of bassist Jarek and guitarist Maciek and the relentless blastbeatings of percussive demolition expert Pablo, the outfit unloads twenty tracks in barely thirty minutes, the entire half-hour surging with jagged, thrash/punk-fueled grindcore ferocity, recorded, mixed and mastered at Hellsound/Soundscope Studio in Wrocław.  

“…a foot to the floor, piss-drunk joyride that has no pretense about what its intentions are… a party-proof, punk tinged grind release that will no doubt be spun many times around the world by band-patched denim jacket enthusiasts. Fans of grind and it’s many fallout genres should take notice…” – HeavyBlogIsHeavy 

“Degenerate oozes with machine gun riffs and barked vocals similar to fellow Poles Antigama and Squash Bowels…” – Decibel 

“…a strafing run of burly, hammering riffs, a high-energy drum attack, and howling/shrieking vocals that will stand your hair on end. And man, it has a powerhouse groove that will keep you coming back for more. This is top-shelf grind from a band worth watching closely.” – No Clean Singing 

“This particular brand of irreverence, however, is grindcore, death-infected and heavy on the hardcore swagger – think of the underrated Leng Tch’e, circa The Process Of Elimination, but not as clever and more knuckle-dragging, or a goofier Squash Bowels, or perhaps more on point, think of AtM’s fellow silly Poles in Neuropathia.” – Last Rites

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Hot News: Ass To Mouth Signs With Selfmadegod Records; New Album Coming Early 2014


Hot News: Ass To Mouth signs with Selfmadegod Records; new album coming early 2014


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