Hot News – Aural Music news – September 2011

SAILLE re-sign with code666

Belgian “Neoclassical Black Metal” band SAILLE have inked a new multi-album deal with code666 (part of the Aural Music Group).

The band, who are inspired by the legends of European Black metal,  formed in the summer of 2008 by Keyboard player Dries to create the music he was fond of (symphonic black metal with a threatening feel, in the style of Tartaros, Limbonic Art and Keep of Kalessin) Dries started writing several songs of which some contained remnants of Dries’ former band Mortifer. It was thus a logical choice to cooperate with former Mortifer vocalist/guitarplayer Jonathan Vanderwal. After contacting drummer Gert Monden of In-Quest and text-writer Filip Dupont of Gorath, the further development of songs could proceed. with the help from ReinieR of Fleshmould/Shumcot studio and several other musicians the recordings for the first album “Irreversible Decay” started at the end of 2009.  SAILLE‘s debut album, “Irreversible Decay”, was issued in February 2011 through code666 with worldwide critical acclaim.

SAILLE mainman Dries Gaerdelencommented on the new deal: “We are very proud to be working with code666 again. They supported us since the very beginning and it is important for us to have such a renowned label with us. We admire several bands that this label works with and look forward to releasing our second album under the code666 mark. We are also working on a special tour package for April 2012 together with other Belgian bands, more info here: www.blackalliance.becode666’s Emiliano Lanzoni stated:“SAILLE are great musicians: these guys have great musical talent, great style, and great attitude. They’re a hard-working, motivated bunch of guys and they have what it takes to rise to the top of the current metal scene.”

SAILLE are now beginning work on their code666  second album, to be released worldwide in late 2012.


PHASE REVERSE sign with Aural Music

Greek Heavy Rock Band PHASE REVERSE have inked a multi-album deal with Aural Music .

The trio, formed in 2007 by Guitarist/Producer John ”Chief” Stergiou, Vocalist/Bassist Tas Ioannidis and Drummer Alex Alexiou, is one of the most promising Rock bands of the underground scene, expect Blues, Rock’ N’ Roll, Hard Rock, and Heavy Metal all sonically mix while the American Southern Rock is set as a background, and Aural Music will release their debut album titled “Phase Reverse” in december 2011.

Commented Aural Music owner/CEOEmiliano Lanzoni“We are so excited to welcome PHASE REVERSE to the Aural Music family. We have been searching for a new, refreshing, kick-ass rock band for quite some time. PHASE REVERSE fits that bill perfectly “

PHASE REVERSE guitarist/producer John ”Chief” Stergiou added: “It’s amazing to be part of a family who has showed us so much interest and enthusiasm and It’s great to be given the opportunity to work with such a reputable label. Hopefully what we’re about to create with Aural Music crew will be something a lot of of people can enjoy and go down in history as one of the most badass records of the year.”

Stated PHASE REVERSE Vocalist/bassistTas“I am very excited to be working side by side with Aural Music. They are very passionate about what they do with a reputation to breaking new talents. The next few months will be very exciting as we gear up for PHASE REVERSE debut release!”

Drummer Alex Alexiou”I really appreciate the way Aural Music approached us. With the perspective, professional view, experience and support we now get from everyone at Aural Music, we are able to stay focused in our music and the sky is the limit…!!!”

for more info:


Controversial and critically acclaimed combo “THE WAY OF PURITY” returns with a new album

After less than one year following to the release of debut album “Crosscore”, TWOP will record the awaited follow up during this summer. Tentative release schudule is set for December 2011 for Japan and January 2012 for Europe.

The band itself issued a statement:

“during the summer we started recording our new album between Europe and USA. Our second “chapter” will be titled “Equate” and will feature 11 new songs (2 bonus tracks will be added on the Japanese version). We truly believe that this very long and complex songwriting process has lead us to a new vision of our music, due to both introduction of massive melodic parts and claustrophobic explosions of violence and darkness. The extreme mix of DoomCore and New Wave is the key to understand “EQUATE” and everyone not looking far will fail. Depressive moods are created to succumb in front of the violence of reaction: every song structure is meant
to have this further signification. A big work has been done on lyrics too and our message is becoming even more effective day by day. Number “11” in the cover artwork represents 1 against 1 so animal against human, the album is titled EQUATE. The Anti-Human symbols come from a long study and have been trasmitted to us by the powers of nature. We will not issue any further press release until the album will be ready since song titles, artwork, release dates, cooperations will be revealed directly with the first song preview around october. A studio diary will be updated on our facebook and youtube pages. Subconsciously you may equate … Become fearless”

The band will be on tour in UK from October the 15th to October the 31st.




TODTGELICHTER at Heidenfest 2011

TODTGELICHTER have been confirmed as special guest for the Heidenfest extended shows. Thus, the billing is as follows:


Special Guests (at Extended Shows):

The dates for the extendes shows are:

  • 30.09.2011 DE – Geiselwind, Music Hall
  • 01.10.2011 DE – Giessen, Hessenhalle
  • 07.10.2011 DE – Stuttgart, LKA Longhorn
  • 08.10.2011 DE – Oberhausen, Turbinenhalle
  • 09.10.2011 NL – Tilburg, O13
the band will hold a signing session on Saturday 1st october, from 17:30 – 18:00.
the band also announced the signing of a new management deal: “We are proud to announce that TODTGELICHTER have combined forces with the renowned booking agency DRAGON PRODUCTIONSand thus join the ranks of bands such as a.o. RAGE, DARK FUNERAL, ENDSTILLE & PRIMORDIAL. Of course we will work as hard as ever to make the TODTGELICHTER-live experience an unforgettable one – even more so with the perfect partner to spread Angst worldwide!”



Yorkshire Prog Doom Death MetallersThe Prophecy made history in August by becoming the first band from the United Kingdom to play in Cuba. The band are also the only band ever to play doom in the country. Participating in this years Brutalfest tour, a string of touring festival dates across the country organised by David Chapet (brutal Breakdown records) and Yuri Ávila (Directora Agencia Cubana de Rock), the band played dates in Havana, Pinar Del Rio, Matanzas, Santa Clara and Camaguey.
Also upcoming tour with Saturnus and Esoteric – UK Gigs 2011:Doom over England – Saturnus, Esoteric, The Prophecy
  • Fri 21 October, The Masque, Liverpool
  • Sat 22 October, The Old Bell, Derby
  • Sun 23 October, The Purple Turtle, London Doom Over London II

The Great Exhibition – The Prophecy, Old Corpse Road, Northern Oak, Eibon LaFuries

  • Friday 18th November, The Snooty Fox, Wakefield
  • Saturday 19th November, The Old Bell, Derby
  • Friday 25th November, The Corporation Sheffield
  • Saturday 26th November, The Unicorn, London


ENID Returns!

ENID, the german fantasy metal band, re-signed with code666 for their brand new album, here’s the official press-statement from mainman Martin Wiese:  
“Folks! It’s a strange but great feeling to be back in business, so to say. ENID is a kind of Snow White these days, waking up after years of sleep, but more beautiful and riper than ever before. A lot of things have changed since 2004 and “Gradwanderer”. I’ve developed as a composer, musician and vocalist, I have worked with a totally different line-up and much more skilled musicians this time… and I took the time to work on an album as long as it was needed, for the first time in ENID’s history. I’m happy that our old label code666 is going to release this coming fifth album. Good to know that now and then taste and belief in art still prevail. If everything goes like planned, you’ll hear the result of the last years’ hard and intense work late this year. Something for your Christmas tree so to say. We’ll reveal all details about the album (title, artwork, studio reports, teasers…) during the coming weeks on our Facebook profile exclusively. Say hello and let us know if you’re still out there.”


ONE WITHOUT sign with Wormholedeath

Swedish Modern Metal band ONE WITHOUT has signed a deal with Italian label Wormholedeath (sublabel of Aural Music Group).
On the 19th of October Wormholedeath will release their second album “Sweet Relief” physically world-wide since it has already been released as a free digital download, letting the fans choose how they want to obtain it.

Guitar player Kenny Boufadenestated:“We have been discussing this cooperation for some time, and how we would be able to work together since we already released the album for free digitally. Wormholedeath has have been really cool about this and show their support for how we want to approach our fans and actually encourage us to work in this way. This cooperation gives us the opportunity to release “Sweet Relief” on an even bigger scale, while at the same time we keep our integrity and the respect for our fans. When we were contacted by Carlo Bellotti at Wormholedeath, we didn´t realize who he was and what he could do for us, but after our first phonetalk we didn´t have any worries at all, this was a label we wanted to work with and that has ideas and forward-thinking that is exactly in line with how we feel. Wormholedeath understands what we want and how we want to do it, and we couldn´t be happier with this cooperation. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Wormholedeath”

Wormholedeath A&R Carlo Bellottistated:

“Wormholedeath is so proud to start this cooperation since we have been fans of One Without since they released “Thoughts of a Secluded Mind” on Lifeforce Records. When Aural Music’s boss Emiliano Lanzoni passed us the album we were so excited to get in touch with such emotional and professional band. We are glad that the band decided to work with us and we’ll do everything possible to support their career. After the success of our latest releases we have been growing so fast as a label and we feel that we have the muscles to support the promotion of Sweet relief and pick up the challenge of releasing an album that is available online through free download.”




English Avant-garde black metal, dark rock and occult spiritual ascendance band Eibon la Furies will be headlining the TERRORIZER MAGAZINE sponsored WITCHING HOUR FESTIVAL in Wakefield, England on Saturday 17th September. Featuring the best of the UK underground extreme metal bands.Eibon la Furies are also one of four bands taking part in THE GREAT EXHIBITION TOUR sponsored by ZERO TOLERANCE MAGAZINE. The tour includes labelmates The Prophecy, along with Old Corpse Road and Northern Oak.Tour dates so far (with more to be confirmed)

  • Friday 18th November – The Snooty Fox, Wakefield
  • Saturday 19th November – The Old Bell, Derby
  • Friday 25th November – The Corporation, Sheffield
  • Saturday 26th November – The Unicorn, London
  • Saturday 2nd December – The Borough, Sunderland
Recording starts on ‘The Immoral Compass’, the follow up album to Code666 debut ‘The Blood of the Realm’ in January 2012.


HATERIAL sign with Wormholedeath

Finnish “straight-in-your-face” extreme metal combo HATERIAL has signed a deal with  Wormholedeath/Aural Music Group.

During November 2011 the band will enterRealsound Studio in Parma (Italy) with producer Wahoomi Corvi (Crysalys, The Way Of Purity). Wormholedeath will release their debut album titled “Twisted Verses”world-wide through Aural Music Group. Release date is due during the winter of 2012 and will be announched at the end of the current year. 

Bass player Ipe stated: We knew we had good stuff in our hands and plenty more to come. Now we got the tools to make the ends meet with Wormholedeath and Real Sound studio, a perfect team to spread our tunes and visions to people. If you want to go deep, go somewhere else; we’re here to break your bubble! If you want to go deep, go somewhere else; we’re here to break your bubble!
Wormholedeath’s A&R WORM stated:Fuck the small talk, there’s already too much bullshit in the world. Dark and harsh winters of northern Finland have molded these five characters to the rude extreme, leaving the edges rough and unsettled. Unsophisticated straightforwardness with the attitude of a nuclear bomb, Haterial delivers its message through its music. Doing things their uncompromising way, like a kick in the stomach, Haterial is speaking out their minds when they want to if they want to. Just try to go little deeper and these fellows are laughing their vodka soaked asses off at your expense. Love ’em or hate ’em it’s your choice, but bear in mind that given the odds Haterial probably hates you already. Your late, so let the music do the talking.”


NIOBETH to release new album

Níobeth new album, titled “Silvery Moonbeams”, out in Europe on September 19th by Dreamcell11, a sublabel of Aural Music Group. The new album is composed by 12 tracks, with more than one hour of lenght in total, and has been mastered at Finnvox Studios (Finland) by Mika Jussila. The booklet will include conceptual illustrations of each one the tracks, besides the lyrics, pictures and other contents. The tracklist stands as follows:1. The Banished Princess
2. Eclipse
3. Withered Lullabies
4. Sons Of The Earth
5. Campeón
6. Stolen Innocence
7. My Dead Angel
8. I Know That I Know Nothing
9. I Need You To Need Me
10. Sadako´s Wings Of Hope
11. Polovtsian Dances
12. SolitudeNíobeth reveals the single of the new album: “We know you have been waiting for a long time and with big expectation, so as a way thank you and to celebrate this new period and the release of the new album, Silvery Moonbeams, next September 19th, we have published an advance of it: the first single, “Eclipse”, whose videoclip will soon be published too. Visit the redesigned and updated website to listen to it: “Níobeth new videoclip online:

The video for the new single is online now!



CRYSALYS new Guitarist

“Crysalys are REALLY happy to introduce their new guitarist to the fans, his name is Lorenzo Marcelloni (Nacom, Ethereal Faun). His enthusiasm towards the project, his passion for music, his talent for music combined with his modesty have made him a perfect member for the band.”Trailer of the new album “The Awakening of Gaia” out now on Dreamcell11 (part of the aural music group):



STORY OF JADE to release debut album

STORY OF JADE announced the release of their upcoming album“THE DAMNED NEXT DOOR (Know Your Neighbors!!!)” via Wormhole Death (Aural Music sub label) and the release of “SELFINFLICTED MASTERPIECE” video clip, directed by Matteo De Niccolò and post-produced by Matteo Marson, for september the 23rd.
Story Of Jade and WormHoleDeath are also proud to announce that A.G. and MATT HUNTZER signed an endorsement deal with SCHECTER GUITARS. Soon on-line, pictures and details.These are the upcoming gigs

  • 29/10/2011 – Tba – Groningen, Holland
  • 30/10/2011 – The Cave – Amsterdam, Holland
  • 04/11/2011 – Thunderdome – Bologna, Italy
  • 26/11/2011 – Foro Boario – Lucca – italy
  • 07/12/2011 – Brujeria – Arezzo- italy


FEN line-up update

British Black Metallers Fen recently issued this official statement regarding their new drummer:
“We have recently had to bid farewell to founding member and old comrade Theutus who has decided that he is no longer able to commit the required time to the band. Having drummed for Fen since the very beginning in early 2006, this was a difficult decision to make but we fully understand his reasons for this and he departs with our blessings. With this, we welcome into the fold our latest recruit and good friend Derwydd to provide the percussive backbone of the band and are really looking forward to commencing work on album number three with him.  We wish the only very best for our old comrade Theutus in his future exploits.”

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