Hot News: AxisOfMetal.com Now Streaming Shadows In The Crypt’s „As Shadows Cover”

Axis of Metal, Horror Pain Gore Death Productions and USBM nihilists SHADOWS IN THE CRYPT have teamed up to deliver the four minutes of blasphemy that is „As Shadows Cover,” from the band’s latest release, Cryptic Communications. Released on July 3rd of this year, Cryptic Communications is a vicious display of black metal in the vein of Horna, Obtained Enslavement and Emperor. Stream the track at this location.

From Hell’s deepest abyss comes a new alliance, forged in blood-soaked blasphemy and proclaiming a return to the old ways! On Cryptic Communications, Pennsylvania’s SHADOWS IN THE CRYPT summon the deepest demons hidden within the Earth with nine hymns to the goat, announcing his vengeance upon the minions of the Nazarene.

Purchase Cryptic Communications HERE.


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