Hot News: badGod Music To Release Trillion Red’s Metaphere October 23

Dark Progressive Avant-Garde metal entity Trillion Red is set to release Metaphere on October 23rd on badGodMusic. Taking his cerebral brand of auditory darkness to a new level, Trillion Red mastermind Patrick Brown is one of metal’s few musicians who can legitimately claim to have discovered new musical territory with his newest creation.

Metaphere is available for pre-order at www.badgodmusic.com and trillionredofficial.bandcamp.com. Album tracks “Blood Bravado” and “Parables and Levitation” are streaming at both locations.

Blood Bravado
Trichroic Prelude: Mira Lore
Trichroic Part I: In Ever Loving Shadows
Trichroic Part II: In Darkness We Cannot Be
Trichroic Part III: Ephemeral Light
Cuts Come In 3’s
Parables And Levitation
Sin Forecasting
For Pain
Dawn State

If it is singularity, the tried, and tested, or just bizarre that you want, don’t bother looking any further. However, if you yearn for ‘new’ and ‘engaging’, something that antagonizes and simultaneously calms the soul-this LP is for you.

Metaphere is Trillion Red’s debut full-length after last year’s Two Tongues EP. This LP mightily sheds ‘the disconnects’ of Two Tongues, and unleashes a united and firm mark onto the Dark Progressive Avant-Garde Metal sound. It showcases the enormous leap Patrick has taken in creating soundscapes that alternate between heavy and hammering structures, to ambient interludes that all come together to create a twisted musical abstract.

Trillion Red is firmly rooted both thematically and musically in the radical emotions of the human experience. Despite the existential and intangible subject matter, the struggle between darkness and light is the core concept throughout Metaphere, something which everyone can relate and derive inspiration.

This to be enjoyed and savored as a boundless experience that flows seamlessly from beginning to end. Take further passes, and time after time, your ears will gain further insight to what is being said. With a passion to create a new and inspirational musical experience, Trillion Red exceeds expectations with the release of Metaphere.

Close your eyes and let your ears tell the story.


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TRILLION RED – Metaphere


Hot News: Trillion Red’s Metaphere Out Now On badGod Music


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