Hot News: Bindrune Recordings Releasing Nechochwen’s OtO on Vinyl LP July 31; Full Album Streaming at Band Camp

Bindrune Recordings will release NECHOCHWEN‘s new masterpiece OtO on vinyl LP July 31st . The rest is best left to the members of NECHOCHWEN themselves:

The members of Nechochwen are proud to have our newest material released by Bindrune Recordings in the form of an LP titled Oto. Where previous releases have been rooted in the historic and ancient past, Oto focuses on the guidance our ancestors bring to us in modern times. The album title could be called ‘Ancestor’ in English. Nechochwen: “We consider this third Nechochwen album to be a “double EP” with Side A taking an organic, acoustic route and Side B shifting to an aggressive metal assault. The focus of this album is quite simple: ancestral wisdom and Native tradition is relevant and important in our overly complex and distracting present world. Never has man been so disconnected from the very soil he walks on. Just as there are two sides to this LP, there are two sides to all of us. One is at peace with our surroundings and the other attempts to conquer them. This album is a tribute to the balanced, ancestral self.” Pohonasin: “Oto, in both conception and inception, is paradoxical in nature. It is the proverbial thread of the past thrust through the eye of the needle that is what we call the present day; a musical time machine that seamlessly shifts between two worlds that could be considered equally shrouded in obscurity. Visually, the title ‘O+O’ invokes a sense of symmetry. Like a human face, it looks equal on both sides. But upon closer inspection, symmetry is but an illusion. Each side holds its own discerning features. Such is the case with this volume of Nechochwen. Two distinctly different notes of the same chord, embraced in a confluence of harmony.”

You can stream OtO in its entirety at bindrunerecordings.bandcamp.com/album/oto

OtO Cover Art & Track Listing:

1. Cultivation
2. On the Wind
3. Otomen’pe (Our Ancestors)
4. Haniipi-miisi (Elm Tree)
5. He Ya Ho Na
6. Pekikalooletiiwe (Insrtructions; an Exhoration)

Formed in 2005, West Virginia’s Nechochwen is the passionate exploration of Native American Indian heritage through stunning classical guitar instrumentation empowered by atmospheric and deadly metal. A lush atmosphere arises from the art created by Nechochwen as found on the critically acclaimed albums Algonkian Mythos (Dark Horizon) and Azimuths to the Otherworld(Bindrune Recordings). OtO continues on the path set by its predecessors, by further refining the message and adventurous musical output/vision to truly transport the listener back to earlier times in an attempt to achieve a sense of wholeness.

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Hot News: Nechochwen’s “OtO” LP Now Available on Bindrune Recordings


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