Hot News: Birth A.D. and Axis Of Metal “Cause Problems” With Song Premier

Texas crossover maniacs BIRTH A.D. have released another new song off their full-length debut, I Blame You. The tune, “Cause Problems” is currently pissing people off at this location.

I Blame You is being released through the newly launched Unspeakable Axe Records via the label’s partnership with Dark Descent Records. The album is set to be in stores by late May or can be ordered directly through the label now at www.darkdescentrecords.com.

Pick this beast of an album up and, in the immortal words of BIRTH A.D. front man Jeff Tandy, “Kill hipsters and cause problems!”

BIRTH A.D. have been terrorizing their home state of Texas since 2008, dropped a tactical nuke of an EP (Stillbirth of a Nation) in 2009, and are now ready to leave the entire USA just a smoking crater with this highly anticipated debut. Full of punk attitude, thrash precision, and a whole lot of yelling, I Blame You is the rightful heir to bands like D.R.I. and S.O.D., and gives exactly as much of a damn about what you think as those bands did. BIRTH A.D. is a well-oiled machine full of seasoned pros that have played live and in studio with many well-known bands .With famed thrash producer Alex Perialas behind the boards, they sound as assured as you’d expect given their formidable credentials.

“Eighteen tracks of sheer attitude and pissed off mentality have never sounded so good from my speakers.” [8.5/10] – WithGuitars.com

“If you seek out a band that clearly carries on the Tradition and mettle might of D.R.I.,SUICIDAL TENDENCIESSICK OF IT ALLAGNOSTIC FRONT, S.O.D., and their ilk, then look for this spawn of the youth brigade to leave their indelible mark: a damn nasty adrenaline overdose – a true sign of bad religion – even after birth and before death.”
[8/10] – MetalTemple.com

“I Blame You is a superb debut that will put Birth A.D. right in the crosshairs of metalheads starving for a group that simply doesn’t care who they piss off with the opinions they bring into the music.” [9.5/10] – Apochs.net

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