Hot News: Black Book Lodge signs with Mighty Music and releases first single!

A new star seed has been planted in the mould of rock! The Copenhagen based stoner rock trio BLACK BOOK LODGE made themselves recognized on the Danish rock and metal scene when releasing their debut EP, „We Are Legion” in 2011. Today, Mighty Music releases the first single entitled „Black Sheep/Prodigal Sons” from their upcoming 2014 album „Tûndra”!

In spite of the short spanned existence of Black Book Lodge, rumors of the bands sound began to spread fast, after the release of their EP „We Are Legion”. Even to the point of being invited to support The Kandidate (feat. Jacob Bredahl of HateSphere) on their Danish tour in 2012. Shortly hereafter, the band started recording their debut album, which will be released by Mighty Music/Target in the spring of 2014.

Their signature sound draws from inspirations such as: Queens Of A Stone Age, Mastodon and Opeth. The renowned Danish webzine, Devilution, has already coined Black Book Lodge as one to be highly aware of in 2014.

The first single, entitled: „Black Sheep/Prodigal Sons„, is released today, and is a prime example of the grandiose, forceful performance Black Book Lodge is known for.„The song portrays the fragile story about the growing longing for meaning and substance in an otherwise godless world.” singer and guitarist Ronny Jønsson explains.
The single release also contains the monumental track, „Cripplegate” which depicts a more progressive and melodic side of the band.


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