Hot News: Blackened Viking Thrashers Asenblut signs with MDD Records

MDD welcomes its latest signed horde… ASENBLUT.
These guys raised some hell with lots of energetic live performances and their debut “Aufbruch” which made quite a bit furore in the underground and beyond!


This stands for merciless aggression, frantic guitars, thundering drums and emotional melodies all merged under the banner of BLACKENED THRASH METAL.
The infernal vocals, characterized as sinister screams and brutal growls and even goosepump giving whispers are usually given in german.
The musical roots of the band reach deep into classic Heavy Metal and unite the elements with more modern styles like Black- and VikingMetal.

In the 3 years since their debut “Aufbruch” the band got inspiration and feedback during a lot of gigs in clubs and at larger festivals.
Those diverse responses and impressions where carried into the bladeforge and hammered under critical ears and eyes to new songmaterial.

The Result of this journey now stands in 11 multifacetted songs. More than 50 minutes of soundsteel where forged. Sometimes fantastic, sometimes realistic, but always suitable to
slay dragons and save maidens!

So stay tuned for this upcoming, earthshattering release!
Live performances nobody should miss include the “Heidensturm Festival 3”, the Ragnarök Festival 10 and of course the upcoming releasetour!

For us friendship is more than just a word!
Horns up, brothers and sisters! To that which unites us all!

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ASENBLUT – Legenden EP


ASENBLUT – Berserker


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