Hot News: Blood And Sun premiere new track at Onion A.V. Club

BLOOD AND SUN premiere the new track “Cedar Smoke” at Onion A.V. Club, the entertainment/cultural arm of The Onion, “America’s Finest News Source.” The track hails from BLOOD AND SUN‘s debut album, White Storms Fall, set for international release on May 15th through PESANTA URFOLK. BLOOD AND SUN is a newly unveiled collaboration featuring Tanner Anderson (Obsequaie/Celestiial), Luke Tromiczak (Maledicere), and Erik Wivinus (Thunderbolt Pagoda): three native Minnesotans with strident heathen beliefs, common backgrounds breeding uncommon art. From this union comes the first fruit, bearing the title White Storms Fall. As plaintive as that title, BLOOD AND SUN‘s canvas is solely comprised of solemnly chiming string and richly resonating percussion, with proud-yet-understated male voice rising (and falling) from this spare sonic latticework. A sweep of the album’s song titles (among them: “Cedar Smoke,” “Hewn,” “Veiled Lady,” “Lord of the Spring,” and most poignantly, “Slaughter the Instant”) further paints BLOOD AND SUN‘s picture, in hues as bold and brilliant as their very moniker. To further complete this Ouroboros-like circle of sound + vision, the vinyl version of White Storms Fall shall feature stunning, large-format reproductions of select works from Luke Hillestad’s “Heritage” works. As the winter gives way to spring, there is only BLOOD AND SUN… Hear for yourself exclusively HERE.

Tracklisting for BLOOD AND SUN’s White Storms Fall
1. Hewn
2. Merciless Master
3. Fell
4. Veiled Lady
5. Feast
6. Lord of the Spring
7. Culling
8. White Storms Fall
9. Cedar Smoke
10. Adieu
11. Keen
12. Tides
13. Slaughter the Instant


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