Hot News: Blood Harvest to release double-split between Black Vul Destruktor and Et Verbi Sathanus

BLOOD HARVEST RECORDS sets February 21st as the release date for Apocalypse Towards Apocalypse, a double-vinyl 7″ split between BLACK VUL DESTRUKTOR and ET VERBI SATHANUS. The titleApocalypse Towards Apocalypse says everything it needs to, as it unites two South American hordes dead set on destruction: Argentinian occultists BLACK VUL DESTRUKTOR and Chilean barbarians ET VERBI SATHANUS. A double-7″ split release, Apocalypse Towards Apocalypse features two exclusive songs from each band, arguably their best work to date and perhaps the wider world’s introduction to these deep-underground maniacs. BLACK VUL DESTRUKTOR‘s two contributions, „Sword of Luciferian Light” and „Void of Darkness,” titularly bespeak the quartet’s void-ward, Luciferian aims, conjuring cruel black/death bestiality with total violence and seeming ease. ET VERBI SATHANUS‘ two contributions, „Holocaust in the Paradise” and „Gehinnon,” similarly bespeak arcane, diabolical aims, crushing purity and goodness with surging warfare noise and ritualistic fervor. Head south into the abyss and behold Apocalypse Towards Apocalypse…

Tracklisting for Apocalypse Towards Apocalypse
1. Black Vul Destruktor – Sword of Luciferian Light
2. Black Vul Destruktor – Void of Darkness
3. Et Verbi Sathanus – Holocaust in the Paradise
4. Et Verbi Sathanus – Gehinnon


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