Hot News: Blood of The Black Owl’s Light the Fires! Out July 31st on Bindrune Recordings / Glass Throat Recordings

Another magnificent chapter in the BLOOD OF THE BLACK OWL musical saga is now complete. Bindrune Recordings/Glass Throat Recordings have targeted a July 31st co-release date for Light the Fires! on six-panel Deluxe Gatefold CD.

Light the Fires! is BLOOD OF THE BLACK OWL‘s most heartfelt and moving piece in this musical entities ever impressive back catalog. Cleaner musical lines that soar with emotion feel like they have been touched by a 70’s prog persona and it sits deeply within Black Owl’s healing tones. The darkness and light intertwine within these songs in a purging battle that draws the listener in and forces them to evaluate their own place in the natural world, regardless of the torment and trials that weaken their soul.

You can stream Light the Fires! in its entirety at: bindrunerecordings.bandcamp.com/album/light-the-fires

Light the Fires! Cover Art & Track Listing:

1. Caller of Spirits
2. Wind Eye
3. Rise and Shine
4. Sundrojan
5. Two Ravens at the Tree Line
6. Soil Magicians
7. Disgust and the Horrible Realization of Apathy

“I began to journey this sound as a conduit of personal ritual and growth, spiritually woven within this artistic expression.”

Formed in 2004 by Chet W. Scott, Blood of the Black Owl has indeed grown from strength to strength and continues to refine and define a sound that is endlessly sculpted by the voice of its creators iron will and powerful spirit. Widely known for his ritualistic musical exploration, through the transcendence of his solo craft Cycle of the Raven Talons and the heavy drone folk duo The Elemental Chrysalis, Scott’s passion for open minded musical and spiritual exploration is refreshing to those that look beyond and deeply meaningful to those who look within.

Chet expands upon the driving force behind his music: “The Blood of the Black Owl craft has grown to focus upon lifting the spirit’s veil, through the spiritual teachings of the six directions and the sacred breath within us all. It is a voice to help expose, understand and heal an increasingly egoic nature of programmed disconnection and sickness we as a species carry within. We are no longer the human being and have become the human doing. This craft looks to work as a musical cleansing, clearing the poisons I’ve found to feed my own ego, through disconnection from the self! Blood of the Black Owl is here to hold up a mirror to the self, facing this ego head on! It is to share the light, through the understanding of dark, allowing growth and reflection upon being once again. It is also a voice to the awakening, to the survivalist, to those connected ones upon their own paths, and to the seekers of the flame whom fight the silent battles.” Through this statement of personal growth, the developing power and strength behind Blood of the Black Owl greatly enhances and ushers Chet’s craft into amazing and new realms of creativity and most importantly…. Healing.

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