Hot News: Blut Aus Nord and P.H.O.B.O.S. team up on a split album

Debemur Morti Productions is proud to present „Triunity„, or the metaphysical alliance of Legendary Unorthodox Black Metal and Industrial Dark Drone !

Indeed, „Triunity” is the result of an unexpected reunion gathering two major entities of the extreme French musical scene, BLUT AUS NORD and P.H.O.B.O.S.. Both engaged in a bewitching endeavour to create an occult structure of industrial, urban and insane sounds.

The track list is as follows :


1. De Librio Arbitrio
2. Hùbris
3. Némeïnn


4. Glowing Phosphoros
5. Transfixed At Golgotha
6. Ahrimanic Impulse Victory

The front cover and inner part of the cover contains two paintings from infamous, yet incredibly gifted, Polish artist Katarzyna Urbanek. Layout was conceived and assembled by Dehn Sora (well known for his works for ULVERBLUT AUS NORDMANESNEUROSIS etc.).

This ambitious and deeply dark project will be released on June 20th (June 24th in North America) on Digipack CD, Gatefold 12″ LP and Digital Download.


The faceless entity

Originating in 1994 from the ashes of VLAD (who released two demos), BLUT AUS NORD are undisputable French Black Metal pioneers, always managing to progress and move forward, evolving in perpetual mutation, developing their own vision of Black Metal.

Choosing, from the start, the total opposite path of regressive bands (who copy what others have done ten years earlier and ten times better), BLUT AUS NORD eschews all the inherent clichés belonging to the genre. BLUT AUS NORD‘s Black Metal approach is a fist in the face of mainstream mediocrity, becoming more macabre and sinister through a blend of innovative musical research, subliminal mental manipulation, and an incredible haunted, nightmarish feeling based on disharmony.

BLUT AUS NORD are creators of a hallucinogenic universe, erasing all preconceived ideas of Black Metal – and extreme music in general. They redefine the rules…


2000 : onset of P.H.O.B.O.S. project in Paris, as a 4-piece (vox/guit-bass-drums-keys) inspired by avant-garde references such as VOIVODNEUROSISGODFLESH, a.o. several drummers and machine operators follow each other around core members Frederic Sacri and Philippe gerber.
2001 : recording of the self-produced „Proto” mcd (Megaton Mass Products), by Frederic Sacri, Philippe Gerber and Alexis Fouillet. 500 copies are pressed, reviews and public feedback are pretty promising.
2002 : P.H.O.B.O.S. marches on as a duo, with Sacri and Gerber enslaving machines. tracks from the first period reshaped, new material designed, towards a same goal : to reach colder, nastier and more hypnotic moods, by mixing elements of doom (heaviness and slowness), harsh industrial music (noise layers), and tortured voices.
2003 : recording of the 7-track demo cdr „Home Wreck 05/03”, for live promoters. first and only live performance at 013club, Tilburg (nl), opening for extreme doom act BUNKUR. though Gerber leaving the project, P.H.O.B.O.S. is kept on tracks, with Sacri in full command of studio writing and execution.
2004 : recording of long awaited full length debut „Tectonics”. several sessions at red studio, with input of Olivier Anicaux for mix and mastering. production and cover artwork by Frederic Sacri.
2005 : P.H.O.B.O.S. signs a recording and publishing agreement with Appease Me…/ Candlelight Records for ‘tectonics’ and future releases. worldwide release of „Tectonics” in spring 05, two editions (Europe and U.S.) with slightly different artworks.
2007 : after several months of sound design, P.H.O.B.O.S. enters red studio once again for two weeks. Capture, conversion and cutting of second full length „Anoedipal” still ensured by Olivier Anicaux. sounds and words produced by Frederic Sacri. artwork designed and executed by Stefan Thanneur.
2008 : re-launching of megaton mass products, P.H.O.B.O.S. own label, for the release of ‘”Anoedipal” in a special A5 cd format. limited edition of 1000 copies.
2011 : recording and mix of „Atonal Hypermnesia” at Sapel Lomor, P.H.O.B.O.S. own studio. sounds and words produced by Frederic Sacri. mastering by James Plotkin. Artwork designed and executed by Stefan Thanneur.
2012 : release of „Atonal Hypermnesia as a double gatefold vinyl edition only, including cd, via Megaton Mass Products. Limited edition of 300 copies.
2013 : recording and mix of several tracks at Sapel Lomor. 3 tracks mastered by James Plotkin to feature on a split album between P.H.O.B.O.S. and BLUT AUS NORD

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