Hot News: Blutmond ready to release “The Revolution Is Dead!” on code666

Avantgarde Swiss Metallers BLUTMOND agreed to extend the deal with Aural Music for one more album, the upcoming “The Revolution is Dead!” scheduled on late November on code666.

Here’s what the band had to say about it:
“Damn right, we’re back. We had some long and hard negotiations with the code-crew and finally decided to re-sign for our new badass output called “The Revolution Is Dead!”.
And guess what, you’re not ready for this abomination of swiss insanity!
The real soundtrack for everything you’ve lost and everything you gonna miss. A rollercoaster of mindfucked hatesongs full of love and lots of lost dreams (but no coffe. Sorry). Free your mind and chose the wrong path. We’ll be waiting there.”

cover artwork preview HERE
mp3 Preview HERE
more informations here

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