Hot News: Bornholm – Ink deal with NoiseArt Records and Rock The Nation Booking

NoiseArt Records and Rock The Nation are proud to announce the signing of Hungarian black metal horde BORNHOLM. They offer an extremely cold, evil version of black metal which has been made even richer by sickening, epic and mind-blowingly aggressive elements. With their incredible, fantastic visual components such as front cover, booklet artwork as well as the official pictures BORNHOLM are way beyond the generic crowd and look down on them from a „throne of crows“. The beast that is „Inexorable Defiance“ will be unleashed early 2013, an extended European tour is in the making.

Commented the band:

„Since we have began to work on the new album we felt that is a turning point in our history. We wanted new possibilities, new goals and a higher level of playing this kind of music. Now we proudly announce that we have signed to NoiseArt Records/Rock The Nation and this new era has begun. We want much more concerts in the future and a more professional management and we feel that can be a perfect solution. Our third album ‘Inexorable Defiance’ is on the way, we are very proud of it, this is a blueprint of the last years full of majesty, medieval feelings and a unique atmosphere.“ BORNHOLM

Check out a making-of trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcJ2bSVfZX8


SAHSNOT – guitar
VOZARGH – guitar
RENFIELD – vocal
HJULES- bass
D – drums


I. Fear Of Wonders
II. Swordbearer
III. Flaming Pride And Inexorable Defiance
IV. Walk On Pagan Ways
V. Archaic Pale Visions
VI. Throne Of Crows
VII. Moonlight Wanderer
VIII. Equinox
IX. The Spiral Path
X. Fiery Golden Dawn
XI. Towards The Golden Halls


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Bornholm interjú


BORNHOLM – Primaeval Pantheons


Bornholm – leszerződött a német Massacre Records-hoz


Bornholm – Felejthetetlen miniturné


Bornholm, Heroic – Koncertbeszámoló


Bornholm: Inexorable Defiance – Gatefold 12” LP


Alestorm, Ex Deo, Lagerstein, Bornholm – Koncertbeszámoló


BORNHOLM – Inexorable Defiance


Hot News: Bornholm – Album out now! Second album trailer available!


Hot News: Bornholm – Album trailer online!


Bornholm új album stúdiófelvételek


Paganfest – Koncertbeszámoló


Týr, Bornholm, Damned Spirits Dance – Koncertbeszámoló


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