Hot News: Carvakas and Impact added to the Sick Bangers family

Technical death metallers Carvakas and fast thrashers Impact have inked a deal with Sick Bangers Label And Distro.

Carvakas – with their debut album „Stultifera Navis” – prove Chilean death metal cannot be in a better shape at the moment. Exquisite taste in death metal composition which will knock you down in seconds.

Impact – reformed band from mid-2000s – demonstrates thrash metal is a ageless genre and their album „Trepanación” has nothing to envy the old thrash metal heroes.

Both releases are available worldwide through Sick Bangers Metal Label & Distro in our webstore.

Put a couple of your best death metal albums in a blender and swallow the thick juice of brutality. Debut album „Stultifera Navis” mixes the good old brutality with just the necessary technicism to make it a must.

Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation followers, you got a winner!


Chilean thrash metal revelation of 2013. Great riffs, insanely fast drumming and a 80’s vibe that will transport you to your best fucking days of your life. Debut album „Trepanación” is a lesson in thrash.

If you still spin your Nuclear Assault and Overkill vinyls, don’t you dare to miss these guys.


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