Hot News: Celeb Car Crash signs to Antstreet Records!

Antstreet Records is very proud to announce the brand new partnership with Celeb Car Crash and the incoming release of their first full length “Ambush!”,  scheduled for the end of March 2013. The band will also supported byRed Cat Promotion to promote their new album.

Here the trailer of the relase

Have you ever had the feeling that everything has already been established? That everything has already been said? That the search for neverending profit, the status seeking politically correct or incorrect and the integration are the mechanisms that make your world go round? For this reason, if you don’t say anything you are an integrated man or a ghost, if you say something, the widespread snobbery will ensure yours is only a pale imitation of something that exists already a path, etic quote on a virtual bulletin board, of a band, of a celebrity, of a poet, of a philosopher who beats you to the draw because he was born from one hundred to two thousand years earlier.
If you shut up, you die inside little by little. Do yourself a favour: scream, at least to create a curious sound incident. Do it for yourself, for your affections, for what you believe in, for the passion you feed on. There is nothing to lose in this world where everyone is a celebrity, a musician, an actor, a photographer and an artist.
After that … Rock !


Website: www.celebcarcrash.com

Facebook Page: facebook.com/celebcarcrash

Youtube: youtube.com/celebcarcrash

Twitter: twitter.com/celebcarcrash

SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/celebcarcrash

ReverbNation: reverbnation.com/celebcarcrash

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