Hot News: Chaos Records to release Blood Mortized’s The Key to a Black Heart on Cassette/LP in July

Chaos Records will release the LP and cassette versions of The Key to a Black Heart, the new album from old School Swedish Death Crushers BLOOD MORTIZED in July.

The followup to the monstrous Bestial EP (Chaos Records) was once again recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by drummer Mattias Borgh at Underworld Recording. The LP will include a bonus song, feature a gatefold cover with hand painted artwork by Thomas Kynst, and will be delivered in a protective polyester bag showcasing an exclusive screen printed BLOOD MORTIZED logo and title. The cassette edition features mouth watering artwork by the very talented Daniel Devilish. FDA Rekotz will release the CD version on May 18th.

Watch Part I of the “Making of The Key to a Black Heart” video at this location.

The Key to a Black Heart Vinyl Cover Art & Track Listing:

Unleashing The Hounds
The Heretic Possession
Only Blood Can Tell
Dead & Rotten
Doomsday Architect
To Murder A God
Shadow Of The Quarter Sun
Bringer Of Eternal Death
The Key To A Black Heart


BLOOD MORTIZED was founded by vocalist Mattias Parkkila and guitarist Benny Moberg in Stockholm, Sweden in late 2007. In April 2008 guitarist Anders Biazzi (formely Hansson) joined the band, followed by drummer Mattias Borgh in late August 2008. After having inked a deal with Vrykoblast Productions, BLOOD MORTIZED recorded their self-titled debut which was unleashed upon the world in April 2009. In early 2010 guitarist Moberg left the band.

As a trio, BLOOD MORTIZED recorded the enormously critically acclaimed Bestial EP, which was released as a three track cassette on Nocturnal Blood Records and later on as a four track CD and a vinyl version in the works via Chaos Records.

The Bestial EP featured eye popping artwork by world renowned tattoo artist Thomas Kynst and was recorded and produced by drummer Mattias Borgh at Underworld Recording. In February 2011 Gustav Myrin joined the ranks as the new second guitar player and in June Mattias Söderlund was drafted as the new bass player.


Mattias Parkkila: Vocals — Previously a member of bands such as Stigmata, E.G.Y.P.T and Excretion (session vocals). Current side projects are Birch Mountain and Malfeitor.

Anders Biazzi: Guitar — Biazzi (formerly Hansson) was a member of early death metal bands like
Patholog, Scum and Amon Amarth. Biazzi played with Amon Amarth between 1991 and 1998 and performed on the band’s demos and the first two official releases.

Gustav Myrin: Guitar — Played with early death metal band Pathalog. Relased demos, three albums and toured with dirty rock & rollers Apes IQ between 2001 until 2010.

Mattias Söderlund: Bass — Recorded albums and toured heavily through Scandinavia with Swedish punk legends Charta 77.

Mattias Borgh: Drums — A member of early old school bands such as Embryo and the newly resurrected cult phenomenon Crypt.

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Hot News: Vinyl Edition of Blood Mortized’s The Key to a Black Heart Available For Pre-Order Through Chaos Records


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