Hot News: Chaos Records to Release Evil Entourage’s The Opposition EP September 17th

Supreme label of death Chaos Records has set September 17th as the date on which The Opposition from Mexico’s EVIL ENTOURAGE shall begin infecting the planet. Indeed, the opposition has begun and centuries of religious propaganda will be wiped from the face of the earth. EVIL ENTOURAGE‘s new MCD is a complete Death Metal effort; one about the passion, not the fashion! The Opposition consists of six tracks of anti-Christian violence with special guest appearances from Fabiano Pena (THE ORDHER) and Tommy Dahlstrom (AEON). Check out the video for „Swathe to Blind” at this location.

1. Insidious
2. Swathe To Blind
3. From Inside I Burn
4. Oblitus Fidei
5. True – Rejected
6. Eternal Disease

For more on EVIL ENTOURAGE, check out the band’s bio at this location or visit: www.facebook.com/evilentourage

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