Hot News: Corrections House – New Video Now Playing At MTV Hive

Today, the CORRECTIONS HOUSE militia — Mike IX Williams (Eyehategod), Scott Kelly (Neurosis), Bruce Lamont (Yakuza), Sanford Parker (Minsk) and their minister of propaganda, Seward Fairbury — are pleased to unveil the brand new video for „Bullets And Graves” Directed by Brian Sowell, „Bullets And Graves” comes by way of the band’s Last City Zero debut, released late last month via Neurot Recordings, and is an unapologetically violent, roadside nightmare marred by shady characters, nihilistic beatdowns and paths unknown. Shot completely in black and white, the production is as intriguing as it is unsettling.

Peer into the vehement world of „Bullets And Graves” accompanied by some words from Mike IX Williams, courtesy of MTV Hive, at THIS LOCATION

Produced by Parker at Electrical Audio, Soma Studios, 60 Psycho Hum and Nodferatu’s Lair, Last City Zero offers up eight psychologically alarming hymns that span well beyond the traditional confines of sound. On Last City Zero, the legion traverse tectonic plate-shifting doom and the downcast gloom of Kelly’s usual ouevre into mutated industrial hissing and clanging EBM beats from Parker, squalls and drones of oblique saxophone from Lamont and Williams’ familiar phlegm-drenched, razor-grated ire and all points in-between. Together they embrace the unkind, the diseased, the forgotten, the morose, their lush anti-soundscrapes and shadowy verses – at once beautifully hideous, graceful and terrifying — a product of societal ruin and psychological decay. Cold, mechanical, prosaic and pungent, Last City Zero is boundless in its genre voyage.

CORRECTIONS HOUSE recently announced their European takeover this December. The rituals will commence on December 3rd in Hamburg, Germany and level more than a dozen European metropolises before coming to a close December 21st in Wroclaw, Poland. Additionally, the band will preach their end-time message atop the main stage of the 013 venue in Tilburg April 10th at Roadburn. On Friday, April 11th at Het Patronaat, Kelly, Williams, Parker and Lamont will each perform solo material, aided and abetted by a selection of others as they see fit. As a precursor to the overseas assaults, CORRECTIONS HOUSE will sully the stage of the Cactus Club in Milwaukee on November 29th and the Empty Bottle in Chicago on November 30th with additional stateside presentations to be announced in the coming weeks.


11/29/2013 Cactus Club – Milwaukee, WI
11/30/2013 The Empty Bottle – Chicago, IL [info]
12/03/2013 Hafenklang – Hamburg, DE
12/04/2013 Loopens – Copenhagen, DK
12/06/2013 Strattbad – Berlin, DE
12/07/2013 DB´s – Utrecht, NL
12/08/2013 VK Club – Brussels, BE
12/09/2013 Patronaat – Harlem, NL
12/10/2013 La Fleche D’or – Paris, FR
12/11/2013 Le Sonic – Lyon, FR
12/12/2013 Le Romandie – Lausanne, CH
12/13/2013 Dachstock – Bern, CH
12/14/2013 Cycle Club – Calenzano (Florence), IT
12/15/2013 Garage – Saarbrücken, DE
12/16/2013 Feierwerk/ Hansa39 – Munich, DE
12/17/2013 Arena – Vienna, AT
12/18/2013 U Pilotu – Prague, CZ
12/19/2013 Dürrer Kert – Budapest, HU
12/20/2013 Kitsch Off Scena – Krakow, PL
12/21/2013 Pod Palacykiem – Wroclaw, PL
04/10/2014 013 Venue – Tilburg, NL
04/11/2014 Het Patronaat – Tilburg, NL

Last City Zero is available via Neurot Recordings at THIS LOCATION. 

„Featuring dark, depressing atmospheres and exceptionally negative, apocalyptic vibes, Last City Zero is brooding, raw and corrosive, as well as breathtakingly beautiful. 9/10” – Exclaim 

„On Last City ZeroCORRECTIONS HOUSE survey the world with a bleak outlook, as much with scorn as sadness. The industrial/mechanical side feels indicative of how the soul is being ripped from the chest of society, whereas the cleaner side represents the need to hold on to our own individuality. The angry screams voice the fight to maintain what is ours and to retake what has been taken, and the spoken voices of reason and honesty instill reflectiveness and a lack of ignorance… 4/5″ – About.com 

„The four members of CORRECTIONS HOUSE do exactly what you would expect from them. Each musician brings along his own identity and experience, they throw it together in the mix and come up with something extraordinary. 9/10″ – Scene Point Blank


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CORRECTIONS HOUSE – Hoax The System / Grin With a Purpose 7”


Hot News: Corrections House Video Premiere Courtesy Of Noisey/Vice


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