Hot News: Corrections House Video Premiere Courtesy Of Noisey/Vice

CORRECTIONS HOUSE is an eclectic collective of musical miscreants featuring Mike IX Williams (Eyehategod), Sanford Parker (Nachtmystium), Scott Kelly (Neurosis), and Bruce Lamont (Yakuza). Together they sew a difficult-to-pigeonhole quilt of poetic misanthropy, industrial ear lashings and pure sonic menace.

Following a special run of live rituals in January, CORRECTIONS HOUSE recently unleashed a grim visual interpretation of the track „Grin With a Purpose,” currently available via Noisey, Vice Magazine’s music channel, where you’ll also find an exclusive interview with Williams. The tune comes by way of the band’s Hoax The System/Grin With a Purpose 7” available to purchase through War Crime Recordings in the US and Burning World Records in Europe. 

In an excerpt from the interview, Mike IX Williams notes: “CORRECTIONS HOUSE is all about Waffle House. The saxophone is a symbol of man’s backwards descent in time.” 

Watch the video, read the interview, suffer at THIS LOCATION.


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Hot News: Corrections House – New Video Now Playing At MTV Hive


CORRECTIONS HOUSE – Hoax The System / Grin With a Purpose 7”


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