Hot News: Coven 13 – ‘Destiny of the Gods’ Coming November 19 via Shadow Kingdom Records

Shadow Kingdom Records has announced a November 19 worldwide release date for Destiny of the Gods, the new album from Detroit’s Doom Metal Juggernaut COVEN (also known as COVEN 13). Get a taste of the madness by streaming album cuts “Thor’s Twins” and “Walpurgisnacht” at this location.

Shadow Kingdom Records’ Tim McGrogan had this to say about the upcoming monolith,

“There have been quite a few old 80’s bands that have reformed and wrote a new album that turned out badly. With that said, we feel for those bands that have fallen flat on their faces because it’s very hard to pick up after such a long hiatus and create something that not only pays homage to what your roots are, but also brings something new and exciting to the table. That’s the trick to creating a new album after being out of the scene for a long time. Very few bands have come back from the grave to make something on par or even better than what they’ve done in the past. It might be hard for the fans to swallow this, but Coven is among the very few bands over the past couple years that have created another masterpiece that stands right up next to the classic Worship New Gods! At first we weren’t sure what they wrote because they have such unusual songwriting skills, but as this sunk in, its greatness unveiled itself. There’s really no other band in the world that sounds like Coven. They have so many strange influences that create so many obscure sounds that it couldn’t be copied even if another band tried.” 

Ordering info for Destiny of the Gods and other Shadow Kingdom Records releases is available at store.shadowkingdomrecords.com.  

1. Thor’s Twins
2. Winds of Revelation
3. Elfstone
4. Walpurgisnacht
5. Isle of Man
6. Frost Giants
7. Witches Kiss
8. She Rides the Dawn
9. Solitary Days
10. Spellbound

COVEN 13 bio info can be found at www.coventhirteen.com/bio


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