Hot News: Crimson Cult – “Tales Of Doom” – Cover, Tracklist


CRIMSON CULT are an Austrian band, that has existed partly for several years under the names STYGMA IV/STIGMATA/BIG HEAT. In 2008, Günter Maier (guitars) and Alexander Hilzensauer (bass) have formed the new band and have added the new members Walter Stuefer (vocals) and Peter “Beda” Bachmayer (drums).
In 2009 they released their debut-album “Crimson Cult”, which got them a lot of fans. Now they will release their new album “Tales of Doom” on the label Pure Legends Records. This album has one hours’ worth of atmospherically intense music, which will let you think of SAVATAGE, or maybe even DIO (on “Warrior Son” and “Institution Christ”). They celebrate a sophisticated form of Power Metal-drama, which will not leave its listeners untouched.
Mastermind Günter Maier composed these very diverse songs, which are brought to life by Walter Stuefer’s excellent voice. But we should not forget Peter Bachmayers’ formidable drumming, his sense for balance between supporting and going strong. Now it can only be a matter of time, until this excellent new album will get CRIMSON CULT lots of new fans.
It´s pure Heavy Metal!!!

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