Hot News: Cripple Bastards – Premiere New Track at Decibel

In less than three weeks, longtime Italian hardcore terrorists, CRIPPLE BASTARDS, will disburse their harsh new LP, Nero In Metastasi, upon the masses via Relapse.

The band’s first full-length release for the label, the eighteen tracks on Nero In Metastasi arguably bear the most „metal” production in CRIPPLE BASTARDS‘ massive discography to date — an attribute acquired during its construction under the watch of producer Fredrik Nordström at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden (Arch Enemy, At The Gates, Dark Tranquillity) — without impacting their rabid, unabashed political hardcore energy. A prime example of this is the album’s twelfth track, „Nemico A Terra,” which CB vocalist Giulio The Bastard translates to, „Enemy Down.” He delves, stating „It is a song about stubbornness in exacting revenge; never giving in to respite when focusing on your target.”

Let „Nemico A Terra” be the soundtrack to whatever justice you seek, as the track is now playing at Decibel RIGHT HERE.

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Hot News: Cripple Bastards premiere new track


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