Hot News: Cult Of Fire premiere first track from new Iron Bonehead album

CULT OF FIRE reveal a new, as-yet-unnamed track from their forthcoming new album for IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS here: https://soundcloud.com/iron-bonehead-productions/cult-of-fire. From the days of Root and Master’s Hammer on to Maniac Butcher and Dark Storm and more recently Triumph, Genus and Death Karma, the Czech Republic has long been fertile ground for the blackest of metals. With the release of their Triumvirát debut last year, CULT OF FIRE exploded onto the scene as a new contender well versed in the olden ways. Now, with their second album,मृत्युकावीभत्सनृत्य, CULT OF FIRE stand poised to drag those Olden Ways into a perversely brighter/darker future. On मृत्युकावीभत्सनृत्य, the sound is undeniably „black metal” by definition, but CULT OF FIRE shred the rulebook in favor of ancient, arcane texts, speaking in forbidden tongues that dazzle with a certain kaleidoscopic flavor/fervor. Indeed, CULT OF FIRE are aptly named, as their attack encompasses coruscating gnarliness and winding, grinding violence, yet their grasp of dynamics spans a dizzying array of songcrafts, often simmering into melody-infused mysticism and patient, doomed-out excursions: not so much speaking a different language from black metal, but speaking one that’s an entirely unique dialect. मृत्युकावीभत्सनृत्य will be released on LP and cassette by IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS, and its cover, tracklisting, and release date shall be revealed shortly.





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