Hot News: Cyclone Empire – New Signing: Icons Of Brutality

Hailing from the north of Holland from the city of Hoogeveen, ICONS OF BRUTALITY are the newest members of theCYCLONE EMPIRE family and we´re sure they will proof quickly their force. They describe their style as Old School Death Metal influenced by bands such as BOLT THROWER, VADER, DISMEMBER or GOREFEST and by stuff like horror movies, war-documentaries and stories about serial killers. You can expect their debut album ‘’Between Glory And Despair” on the 22nd of February…so be prepared!!!

Band-Statement: “We are very proud to announce that we have signed with German recordlabel Cyclone Empire. Our recordings for our debutalbum were finished in 2012 and after contacting several labels, we were very excited when Martin of Cyclone Empire contacted us. Cyclone Empire has great bands on their label like Demiurg, Demonical, Onheil etc. and we are very honoured to be a part of this family. We believe this corporation could mean a lot to us and we are very thankful to Martin and the rest of the guys of the label to give us their trust and the chance to develop ourselves and launch Icons Of Brutality to the world. We hope 2013 will be a great year for us and looking forward to the release of our debut album ‘Between Glory And Despair’ which appears, as it seems right now, on the 22nd of February. Cheers to all of you and we hope to see you this year.”

Line-Up: (from left to right)
Erwin aka Bakvet – Drums
Jeroen aka Jeunis – Lead Guitar
Bert aka Appe – Rhythm Guitar
Richard aka Knolle – Bass
Jim aka Jimme – Vocals

Biography: The story of these Dutch metal-veterans started in the autumn of 2009 when four musicians formed an alliance in order to play their favourite style of old school death metal. Their plan to play this brutal, heavy and deadly kind of music, resulted in a foetal version of what nowadays is the ultimate war-machine called Icons of Brutality. A few months later the drummer decided to leave the band and the line-up had to be changed dramatically. But however…..within a month after this withdrawal, Icons of Brutality was completed again. With the arrival of two new members, the band was fully operational and finally able to really work on their definition of death metal. They focussed completely on writing own material and after spending much time in their rehearsal room, Icons of Brutality entered Fredde Kaddeth’s Dirty Bird Studio in the winter of 2011 / 2012 to record their first album. Influenced by several osdm-gods like Bolt Thrower, Vader, Dismember etc. and with a great production like many early 90’s Swedish deathmetal-bands, Icons of Brutality’s debut album “Between Glory and Despair” will crush and conquer the world in 2013!

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ICONS OF BRUTALITY – Between Glory And Despair


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