Hot News: Daemon Worship Productions – Svartidauði & Nefandus signings



DWP is proud to welcome NEFANDUS into its fold! As always surrounded by controversies, the co-called founders of „Orthodox Black Metal” are ready to unleash their third (or fourth, if we count the demo) offering upon the world. After the highly influential „The Nightwinds Carried Our Names”and „Death Holy Death”, their new MCD „Your God is a Ghost” is expected to be released in 2012 by the hands of DWP. The agenda is still the same: to spread the Light of Lucifer and the satanic legacy that has been chosen to the band by the gods and goddesses of Sitra Ahra, proclaiming the lunacy of „God’s” creation, like a fist in the faces of those who deny the wonders and pleasures of the chthonic Lords of Divine „Madness”. May the blessing of Satan be with you all, and may the abominations of hell guide your ways beyond all morals.

One of their new songs, „This One Is For God”, is available for streaming at our soundcloud.

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Spawned by hellish visions of the unlife, SVARTIDAUÐI spreads the delirious word of the Lord through the prism of drugs-induced noise terror. The bloom of the universe reversed back into the womb of Death…. Building the Cathedral of Flesh, raised upon the ruins of the manifest world. Where mould grows upon the remains of the brighter future, there he rises as the King of what is and is not. The twilight has arrived and the sun is fading into the void…. Yet, a new Sun is rising in the absence of life. And this is its Gospel! Raw and aggressive Black Death Metal with psychedelic overtones and disturbing dissonances, SVARTIDAUÐI‘s first full-length is finally at hand. „Flesh Cathedral” shall be revealed soon! TBR in conspiracy with our Norwegian friends Terratur Possessions.

Listen to The Perpetual Nothing….


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