Hot News: Dan Swanö – Signs Longterm Worldwide Deal with Century Media Records; Witherscape Album Completed!

It’s with great pride and joy that Century Media Records can announce to have signed a longterm worldwide deal with Swedish singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer extraordinaire Dan Swanö.

Most dedicated metalheads will not only be able to call themselves owners of certain releases by one Dan’s many outstanding bands/projects (Edge Of Sanity, Nightingale, etc.), but also the work at his own Unisound studio will surely have left a mark in everyone’s record collection at some point: Opeth, Katatonia, Dissection, Merciless, 59 Times The Pain, Dark Funeral, Hail Of Bullets, Marduk, Millencolin or Nasum, to name but a few… Anyhow, Swanö has been no stranger to Century Media Records: He was originally involved with the Death Metal supergroup Bloodbath (also featuring members of Opeth and Katatonia), who released the “Breeding Death” EP as well as the amazing first two albums, “Resurrection Through Carnage” and “Nightmares Made Flesh” via CMR. Most recently, Swanö has been heavily working again as producer and mixer of albums, also including releases by Century Media Records artists like Asphyx, Grand Supreme Bloodcourt, Oddland or Morgoth.

Dan Swanö had the following to say about the signing: “It’s been 23 years since I signed my first ever record-deal, but never before have I been this excited… I have now signed with Century Media Records! I bought the first release from Century Media back in 1989, and it is amazing to see how much the label has grown over the years.
After working with CM for a few compilation CD’s and for two and a half albums with Bloodbath, I knew it would be the perfect home for me whenever I felt like returning to the recording-industry as a performer again. And now…I am back! With a vengeance!!!

The first result of the freshly started co-operation between Dan Swanö and Century Media will be the release of his newly founded Metal outfit WITHERSCAPE, which sees Dan teaming with another talented multi-instrumentalist, Ragnar Widerberg, creating an intense concept-album, which should musically please not only fans of earlier Swanö-works like “Moontower” or Edge Of Sanity, but also attract friends of progressively atmospheric contemporary Metal in the vein of Opeth or Amorphis. Swanö comments on the upcoming WITHERSCAPE album as follows:

“I have just completed the final mixes of the first album from my new project WITHERSCAPE. Fans of my “Moontower” album and the catchier parts of EDGE OF SANITY won’t be disappointed! I sing, both clean and growl, play drums and keyboards. Ragnar Widerberg plays all guitars & bass and has co-written almost all the tracks with me.”

Look forward to a late July 2013 release for WITHERSCAPE‘s “The Inheritance” via Century Media Records.

Bloodbath – “Breeding Death”: soundcloud.com
Bloodbath – “Eaten”: www.youtube.com
Heaven Shall Burn – “Black Tears” (Edge Of Sanity Cover): www.youtube.com
Edge Of Sanity – “Crimson” (Feat. Mikael Akerfeldt / Opeth): www.youtube.com

Selected Dan Swanö Discography:
Edge of Sanity – Unorthodox / Purgatory Afterglow / Crimson I & II
Dan Swanö – Moontower
Bloodbath – Breeding Death / Resurrection Through Carnage / Nightmares Made Flesh
Odyssey – Re-Inventing the Past
Nightingale – Nightfall Overture/White Darkness

Dan Swanö will have a new website ready for a launch in the summer, but in the meantime you can turn to his studio-site as reference for his works: www.unisound.se

Stay tuned for more details about WITHERSCAPE and “The Inheritance” to be revealed soon…

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