Hot News: Dark Eternity Change Their Name

News from Dark Eternity:

“Today  is a very important day for us.

We’ve been through many years as a band. We changed our lineup several times and also our way to understand the music.

Everything has led us to this specific moment, in which Dark Eternity is not Dark Eternity anymore.

We are not cowards and we will not give up in our effort to move forward, but right now, we believe that the best thing for the band is a change.

Alex’ joining to the band (which left Rodrigo only as a guitarist), the joining of Aarón Fariña as the new bassist (and so to replace Carlos), the style of the songs… all this made us wonder that the band itself as we knew it was not the same anymore.

Believe us when we say we have turned it over in our minds. We weighed all the consequences that this change would carry, but this finally was the best option. This is the moment, and we cannot delay anymore due to our upcoming album, which we will release very soon.

We want to make the announcement of a new beginning, we want to recast under a new name, with all our strength and desires.
We know that any new name we pick would be strange for all of you, and it has not been a mere trifle. But we’re sure that you will support us, just as you always do.

From now on, we will be DYSNOMIA.

We’ve been thinking about you, the ones who have always been there supporting us buying our merchandising or our albums. And that’s why we won’t quit playing our old songs (they are still ours), because we know you want to keep listening to them.

And that goes also for the t-shirts thing. Thanks to everyone who owns one, it means a lot for us. So when we have the new ones, you will only have to show your old DE t-shirt and we’ll give to you a new “Dysnomia” one for free!

And this is it by now. It’s been quite difficult to achieve where we are, but we’re pretty sure that this is the best option for us. We will probably lose fans, promotion, and we also know that some of you will not understand it… But the decision has been made and we will go ahead with everything.

Here you go the new Facebook page for the band

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