Hot News: Death Dealer announces former Into Eternity drummer as new member

Death Dealer would like to announce the addition of Drummer Steve Bolognese to it’s ranks.

As previous drummer for Into Eternity and a Berklee College of Music instructor, Bolognese is often spoken of as the Drummer’s „Drummer” having received mentoring from drum prodigy Mike Mangini (Dream Theater).


Steve: – „I’m happy to announce I have joined Death Dealer. It’s been awhile since I’ve played such triumphant metal but it feels great to be back at it. It’s amazing to be in a band with such talented musicians. I’m Really looking forward to working on this new epic material and hitting the road with it for all to see.”

Vocalist Sean Peck – „When we discovered Steve was interested in joining the band, I called him up and found out he is a true road warrior.  We have a lot of tour plans coming up and he has been on some great ones. He knows the game and how to bend it to his will, no matter what the circumstances may be. Besides being a technical thrash master from hell, he is a funny dude and fun to hang out with which will make him a welcome addition to Death Dealer as we get ready to really blast off with a packed 2014 schedule! I couldn’t be happier!

Guitarist Stu Marshall – While Steve has some amazing technical credentials, he has a strong foundation as a fan in traditional and true metal, he’s a total monster behind that kit.” Steve joins Death Dealer residing on the west coast of the United states, close to Mike Davis (Bass) and Sean Peck (Vocals).

Bassist Mike Davis – „Steve and I have been jamming the Death Dealer set for a few months now here in Hollywood and it has just been ferocious!  He was our targeted  first choice when we knew Rhino needed to be replaced.  We are just glad he was available and now it is time to throw down the gauntlet!  Now that three of us in the band are located here in Southern California, it makes it everything we are planning and doing that much easier.

Death Dealer would like to wish Kenny (Rhino) Earl all the best as he departs the unit to spend more time with his family and concentrate on a career outside of music. He will always be our brother.    

2014 brings the second „yet to be titled” Death Dealer album and the band is now writing the material for this release.
Wide scale touring is currently being planned with announcements to be made very soon.

Steve Bolognese multi cam You Tube video channel

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