Hot News: Devin Townsend – DVD Premiere Screening „By A Thread ­ Live in London 2011” at the Prince Charles Cinema (London)

November last year the Devin Townsend Project played four epic shows in London performing one of their albums in its entirety each night. All shows were professionally recorded for a DVD release and we’re proud to announce that all the hard work that went into this is now nearing completion and that the official release dates have been set for June 18th for Europe and June 19th for North America through HevyDevy Records / InsideOut Music

To celebrate this, an official pre-release screening event is being held on June 5th at the Prince Charles Cinema in London where, in the course of 3 to 4 hours Devin himself will talk all attendees through a summary of all that the DVD’s have to offer. Only a limited number of first come, first serve tickets will be available to a lucky crowd of 250 people. Lucky because besides being the first to see the DVD they will also have the exclusive opportunity to be the first to purchase the DVD box set two weeks before anyone else can have it. And it’ll be signed no less!

And what a box set it is… After the incredibly successful limited edition DTP ‘Contain Us’ box set last December the bar was set high and so this DVD release will come as 4DVD / 5CD set all wrapped up nicely into an awesome looking package. The DVD discs each contain one of the concerts and each disc will be packed with cool extras. The Audio CD’s hold… well… the audio of the concerts with disc 5 containing a compilation of the encores that each night saw played.

Devin comments: Hey everyone, Devin here… just dropping in to let you know how excited I am to be able to announce the DVD screening of ‘By A Thread’, the four DTP shows we played in London last November. The amount of work and memory that went into that event has been captured by an even more herculean event by the folks making the DVD’s, and finally I get to see what we did those nights! It’s another situation of releasing a product that we think is really cool, and have gone the extra distance to make it worth your while if you’re the type that supports by buying physical product…it’s great! So if you weren’t there, this is as close as you can get… please enjoy and maybe I’ll meet you at the screening!

The screening will be held on Tuesday, June 5th from 6:30pm to 11pm and tickets are £15 each. Tickets can be purchased at the Prince Charles Cinema via this link: http://tiny.cc/DevinTownsend 

The screening event will be followed up with two acoustic solo shows on June 6th and 7th, both held at London’s The Borderline. Tickets for these shows can be purchased here: www.kililive.com on Monday March 26th

And then Devin is off to headline the 3rd stage at the Download Festival on Friday, June 8th.

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