Hot News – Diabolical announces 15 Years Anniversary tour

The Swedish technical death force DIABOLICAL will celebrate 15 years of existence by doing some selected European dates in September. Each date will see different local support bands and special guests. Considering the nature of the tour, the band will do more old material than usual, covering all five official records released until now.

Dreamtide Music presents:

17.09 2011 GER – Hamburg – Revolt! Bambi Galore
20.09 2011 ITA – Mestrino (PD) – Tacu Tacu
21.09 2011 SLO – Ljubljana – Channel Zero
23.09 2011 POL – Krakow – Kazamaty
24.09 2011 GER – Leipzig – Metal Schuppen

„We see this partly as a celebration of the 15 years that was, but mainly as an introduction of the 15 years that are to come. It is a great opportunity to pick up older material, and revisit some good and bad moments from the past. Looking back is only enjoyable to some…” says founding member Sverker Widgren.

DIABOLICAL have during the last 1.5 decade constantly been progressing, refusing to do the expected. Following the success of the second full-length album „A Thousand Deaths” (2002) the band toured Europe several times in 2002-03 with AMON AMARTH, VOMITORY and DEFLESHED among others, co-headlined Open Hell festival (2002) and Kaltenbach Open Air (2003) and played several other festivals as well. The albums were later re-released in South America, and both albums were released in the USA as well.

In 2008 DIABOLICAL returned with full force and delivered a milestone in their discography; taking their innovative death metal a huge step further with „The Gallery of Bleeding Art”. The album received brilliant reviews and was followed by a two small but very successful headline tours though Europe.

In November 2010 DIABOLICAL released the single „Eye”, and January 2011 their latest CD entitled „Ars Vitae”, containing 17 tracks from different parts of the band’s career. The newest material was recorded at Necromorbus Studio in 2010, and was again produced by founding band-member Sverker Widgren. Also, the CD contain a full live concert that has never been released before, and a remastered version of the „Deserts of Desolation” MCD, sold out since many years.

Having been a part of the death metal scene for 15 years, and releasing albums for over a decade, DIABOLICAL still manages to put out some of their best material up to date on „Ars Vitae”, proving that the band still progresses and has a great future ahead of them.

In November 2010 DIABOLICAL toured Europe with URN and INTERMENT, and followed it up with 11 concerts in Russia in March 2011 and various other shows during the spring.
In September 2011 it is time to travel through Europe once again to celebrate 15 years of existance, doing some selected show during their 15 YEARS ANNIVERSARY TOUR.

Band discography:

„Ars Vitae” 2011 (ViciSolum Productions / Abyss Records)
„The Gallery of Bleeding Art” 2008 (ViciSolum Productions)
„A Thousand Deaths” 2002 (Scarlet Records / WWIII)
„Synergy” 2001 (Scarlet Records / WWIII)
„Deserts of Desolation” MCD 2000 (Cadla/CDN/Guano)


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