Hot News: Dirge – Album details unveiled

The artwork and full tracklisting of DIRGE’s upcoming 6th opus, „Hyperion”, are now unveiled.

This fantastic and massive (!!) new record is a real intense listening experience. Immense, colossal and yet deeply emotional all at once. As usual, DIRGE collaborated with several other talented guests on „Hyperion ” : Nicolas Dick (KILL THE THRILL), Tara Vanflower (LYCIA) and Milena Rousseau (MIRODA).

The conceptual visual art was realized and conceived by Axël Kriloff and Stefan Thanneur (CHAOS ECHOES, P.H.O.B.O.S) and can be seen in bigger size here.

Tracklisting is as follows :

1. Circumploaris
2. Floe
3. Venus Claws
4. Hyperion Under Glass
5. Filigree
6. Remanentie

The vinyl version will contain two bonus tracks : „Distance” and „Absence”.

This highly anticipated new album will be available on March 14th (April 15th in North America) via Debemur Morti Productions in Digipack CD and 2×12″ Gatefold LP.

DIRGE was born in Paris, France in 1994. The original core was formed by Marc T. (guitar, programming) and by Laurent P. (voice, programming). In the industrial-metal genre of bands likeGODFLESH or PITCHSHIFTER, the music of the duo is an hybrid of corrosive riffs, robotic hammerings and scratching samples. Three demo-tapes are released during this first era.

After the leaving of Laurent P., bass player David K. and guitarist Franck T. join the band. This first change in the line-up coincides with a noisier and less electronic curve ; music goes darker, tortured, dissonant. The first album Down, Last Level is released in 1998.

1999. Alain B. (drums) and Christophe [Zomb] D. (machines) strengthen the band. Thus humanized, the DIRGE‘s sound goes much more heavy and stifling, guitars becoming the center of gravity of the second album Blight And Vision Below A Faded Sun released in 2000.

Replacing David K. and Franck T., Christian M. (bass) then guitarist Stéphane L. join DIRGE in 2001. Three years later, And Shall The Sky Descend introduces a more hypnotic and psychedelic aspect of the band’s music. If massive guitars stay in the center of the four long pieces that build ASTSD, the extremely slow-downed tempos, creeping samples, minimal parts, violin and didgeridoo present the result of four years of musical evolution.

The band goes back to studio in November 2006 to record its new work, the very progressive Wings Of Lead Over Dormant Seas. Released one year later as a double CD set, it features KILL THE THRILL’s singer Nicolas Dick on two tracks and receives a notable welcome from the press.

April 2011, DIRGE injects clear, ethereal and cold fluids within the telluric riffs crossing right through the warm acclaimed fifth album Elysian Magnetic Fields.

Between 2011 and 2012, the band expands its horizons, travelling Europe from East to West, from Russia to Portugal including Germany, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Latvia and more.

Winter 2013, DIRGE focuses on new material for its sixth album to be released through its new label Debemur Morti Productions (BLUT AUS NORDYEAR OF NO LIGHTMONOLITHEOCTOBER FALLS…)

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